Who is the Redskins Offensive MVP Thru 8 Weeks?

Updated: November 4, 2013


We are now halfway through the 2013 Washington Redskins regular season and it is time to take a look at some individual awards. We begin with Most Valuable Player on the offense. VOTE IN OUR OFFENSIVE MVP POLL IN THE UPPER RIGHT CORNER OF THIS PAGE!

Here are the candidates:

QB Robert Griffin III

Stats – 60.2% completion, 2169 passing yards, 7.2 ypa, 9 TD, 9 INT, 257 rushing yards, 5.2 ypc, passer rating 80, QBR, 42.24

Case For – Statistically RG3 is not playing as well as he did last year, but he has battled back from a terrible knee injury and gives his team a chance to win. His leaping run for 10 yards on 3rd and 9 against the Chargers on Sunday is a classic example of a player who sells out his body for the team. When he’s on the offense looks almost exactly as it did in 2012 and his play has improved over the last five weeks.

Case Against – His accuracy is down, his stats put him in the bottom half of starting QB and he’s committing far more turnovers this season. His legs, through no fault of his own, are not helping the team nearly as much as last year and it sometimes appears as if the injury and the possibility of re-injury are on his mind during games.

Judgement – RG3 has been no better than an average QB in 2013 — a far cry from his deserved Pro Bowl nomination as Rookie of the Year. We do see signs of improvement, but he hasn’t been good enough to be the offensive MVP — by a long shot.

RB Alfred Morris

Morris & RG3Stats – 686 yards rushing, 708 yards from scrimmage, 5.2 ypc, 5 TD

Case For – He leads the team in rushing yards, yards from scrimmage and touchdowns. Although he is not on pace to rush for as many yards as last year, that’s because of game situations mostly out of  his control. His yards per carry is actually up significantly from last season, going from 4.8 to 5.2. That’s like going from the penthouse to… whatever is better than the penthouse. He’s only 5th in rushing yards in the NFL right now, but his average per carry is much higher than every running back  in front of him. In fact, his 5.2 yards per carry is the best of any running back in the NFL.

Case Against – He hasn’t been the force he was last year, though that’s mostly because the team has been down early in many games and had to abandon the run. Other times, the offensive play-calling has  not run the ball enough. It’s not Morris’ fault, but a player can’t be the most valuable unless he’s being used a lot.

Judgement – He gets the tough yards, he gets the big yards, he’s the straw that stirs the drink. For all the attention lavished upon RG3, it is Alfred Morris who really makes Washington’s offense go. When he gets a lot of carries, the offense is superb and the team wins a very high percentage of the time. The more success Morris has the better the throwing lanes are for RG3. Without a stud running back to dominate the attention of the defense, this offense just does not work very well.

WR Pierre Garcon

Garcon fangsStats – 54 rec, 684 yards, 12.7 ypr, 2 TD, 694 yards from scrimmage

Case For – He’s 4th in the NFL in catches and 10th in receiving yards. He’s made some incredible catches this season and sometimes seems like the only realistic option in the passing game. He does all this despite drawing so much attention from defenses due to the team’s inability to find or develop a credible #2 wideout.

Case Against – He’s averaging less than 13 yards per reception, has only scored twice and he’s part of a passing attack that he recently said “sucks.”

Judgement – A lot has been written and spoken about whether Garcon is a true #1 wideout. He’s paid like one, but most people have not accorded him that status. I think that’s correct — until now. Garcon has become a big-time player in 2013 and is now justly included among the top receivers in the NFL. It would be good for him to score more touchdowns, but even the great Calvin Johnson had trouble scoring last year despite setting the NFL record for receptions in a season. Garcon is second only to Morris on the team in yards from scrimmage and if he isn’t the team’s offensive MVP, he’s pretty darn close.

TE Jordan Reed

Jordan ReedStats – 38 rec, 425 yards, 11.2 ypr, 2 TD, 443 yards from scrimmage

Case For – What a breath of fresh air this kid is. While veteran Fred Davis has been a talented, but troubled and unreliable mess of drugs, missed opportunities and catnaps during team meetings, Reed has come in with a professional demeanor unusual in a rookie. His good hands, great moves, excellent route-running and fantastic catch radius make him RG3′s second-favorite target and a likely star tight end for years to come. How many rookies have come on to the team this year and completely taken over the position, elbowing out multiple veterans in the process? Just one — Jordan Reed.

Case Against – He missed one game with an injury, the team didn’t promote him to starter until five weeks into the season and offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan seems to forget about him for long stretches of games, particularly in the second half. That’s not Reed’s fault, but an MVP must also be one of the most utilized players on the team. Also, however impressive Reed has been, Garcon has the better receiving stats.

Judgement – He’s the runaway leader in the clubhouse for team Rookie of the Year, but there are at least two players on offense who have a better claim to this award.



Alfred Morris!