Top 4 Ice Hockey Websites for More Updated Info

For those who are interested in ice hockey and want to know where to find latest info and news about the sport, you may be confused because the sport is not as popular as other sports. This article will elaborate some websites you can visit regarding the latest news of ice hockey.

You can read the reviews for each website on the following list:
• Reddit – Ice Hockey: this platform is a good place for millions fans of ice hockey to engage in creating and sharing contents among each other. In a week, you can enjoy around 168 posts about the latest update on ice hockey news. The Facebook fans of this platform are around 1 million people, while the Twitter followers are around 465,000 people. Truly the recommended platform to join if you want to talk with fellow ice hockey fans from around the world.

Ice Hockey

• Google News – Ice Hockey: this platform provides the most up-to-date and comprehensive coverage for ice hockey accumulated from various news sources around the world. In a week, you can enjoy around 84 new posts about the most up-to-date news about ice hockey. There are more than 21 million people become fans of this platform in Facebook, and around 212,000 on Twitter. Suitable for those who prefer to read news instead of engaging with other fans.

• Hockey Tutorial: this page is sharing and creating the vest quality of motivational hockey videos, and products reviews and overviews related to hockey from across the globe. The aim of this page is to develop the knowledge about the sport and introduce the sport to potential new fans with broad variety of instructional videos. It also provides content for both expert and beginner hockey player about tips and trick on how to play a good hockey game. This page usually post 4 videos per month.

• The American Hockey League: this blog provides various contents about National Hockey League (NHL) in United States and Canada, such as videos, photos, scores, and news. You can enjoy approximately 28 posts about the latest update on NHL every week. The Twitter followers of this blog is around 90,000 people, while the Facebook fans is around 125,000. Recommended for any NHL fans.

The list above already give brief reviews on several recommended ice hockey pages you can visit, both as fans and beginners on hockey. Other than the ones mentioned above, The Hockey News and The Hockey Writers are also recommended.

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