The World’s Most Prestigious Power Poll: Week 9

Updated: October 31, 2013
Power Poll

01. Denver Broncos [7-1]: Toyed with the poor Redskins like a lion plays with its food. [NC]

02. Seattle Seahawks [7-1]: Upcoming game against Buccaneers almost like a bye week. [NC]

03. Kansas City Chiefs [8-0]: Great defense and turnover ratio are keeping the Chiefs undefeated. [NC]

04. Indianapolis Colts [5-2]: Can stick a fork in the Houston Texans by defeating them this weekend. The division is theirs for the taking. [NC]

05. San Francisco 49ers [6-2]: Winners of five straight going into their bye week. [NC]

06. New Orleans Saints [6-1]: 5 TD passes against the Bills is a lot even by the standards of Drew Brees. [NC]

07. Cincinnati Bengals [6-2]: If you had Marvin Jones on your fantasy team you have no excuse for not winning last week. [+1]

08. New England Patriots [6-2]: Having more trouble with inferior opponents than they used to, but division appears to be safely in hand. [-1]

09. Green Bay Packers [5-2]: Last week’s win over the Vikings begins a 6-week stretch with 4 division games. This is when the Packers will win the NFC North. [NC]

10. Detroit Lions [5-3]: The rest of the Lions tried to lose last Sunday, but Calvin Johnson just wouldn’t let it happen. [+2]

11. San Diego Chargers [4-3]: Phillip Rivers spent the bye week doing what he does on game day — moving as little as possible. [NC]

12. Carolina Panthers [4-3]: Cam Newton is carrying this team right now, crushing one bad opponent after another. [+2]

13. Dallas Cowboys [4-3]: Epic collapse from the Cowboys. Notice how Jason Witten didn’t throw a tantrum even though he had only 2 passes thrown his way? [-3]

14. New York Jets [4-4]: Following up an overtime win over the Pats with a 40-point loss to the Bengals? [-1]

15. Baltimore Ravens [3-4]: Better beat the Browns or the season is probably over. [+2]

16. Miami Dolphins [3-4]: 4 straight losses and Ryan Tannehill no longer looks like the next big thing. [-1]

17. Tennessee Titans [3-4]: A 3-game sweep of the Rams, Jags & Raiders in the next 3 weeks would put the Titans in the wild card catbird seat. [-1]

18. Chicago Bears [4-3]: No Jay Cutler for their Monday night tilt against the Packers. This is where the Bears get bear-eed. [NC]

19. Arizona Cardinals [4-4]: Last week showed this team how to win — run the ball well & have Carson Palmer do as little as possible. [+6]

20. Buffalo Bills [3-5]: Upcoming game against the Chiefs may be swan song for the season. [-1]

21. Cleveland Browns [3-5]: Tough, gritty defense keeps the Browns in almost every game. QB will cause them to lose most of those games. [+3]

22. Oakland Raiders [3-4]: Terrelle Pryor had more rushing yards than passing yards, but he’s easily the best player on this offense. [+7]

23. Washington Redskins [2-5]: Tackling, special teams, pass protection — the list of problems keeps getting longer. [-2]

24. Philadelphia Eagles [3-5]: Who is the QB this week? And how long will he last? [-4]

25. Atlanta Falcons [2-5]: Matt Ryan has no wideouts to throw to. [-3]

26. Houston Texans [2-5]: Managed to throw only one pick-6 during the bye week. [NC]

27. Pittsburgh Steelers [2-5]: Couldn’t beat the Raiders. Good luck with the Patriots this Sunday. [-4]

28. New York Giants [2-6]: Only two games out of first in the NFC LEast. [+2]

29. St. Louis Rams [3-5]: Wasted a great defensive effort against the Seahawks. [-2]

30. Minnesota Vikings [1-6]: Well, they gave the starting job back to Christian Ponder and he still stinks. What now? [NC]

31. Tampa Bay Buccaneers [0-7]: Think things are bad now? Wait until the Seahawks beat these guys by 4 TD. [NC]

32. Jacksonville Jaguars [0-8]: Have scored 8 TD this year. Is on the short list for worst NFL teams of all time. [NC]