The World’s Most Prestigious Power Poll: Week 8

Updated: October 22, 2013
Power Poll

01. Denver Broncos [6-1]: Defense needs to tighten up, but should get back to winning when they host the Redskins on Sunday. [NC]

02. Seattle Seahawks [6-1]: Russell Wilson & defense making up for an offensive line in tatters. [NC]

03. Kansas City Chiefs [7-0]: Best defense & pass rush in the NFL, but the [lack of] offense will  hold them back eventually. [NC]

04. Indianapolis Colts [5-2]: Have beat 3 teams in the top 5 — Seahawks, 49ers & Broncos. [+3]

05. San Francisco 49ers [5-2]: Winners of 4 straight & now head to London for another win over the Jags before the bye week. [NC]

06. New Orleans Saints [5-1]: Spent bye week re-living that last drive against the Patriots. [NC]

07. New England Patriots [5-2]: One collapse by the Saints defense away from having lost 3 straight games. [-3]

08. Cincinnati Bengals [4-2]: Have won 5 of 6 & have a 2-game lead the AFC North. [NC]

09. Green Bay Packers [4-2]: Aaron Rodgers carrying this team of walking wounded. [+1]

10. Dallas Cowboys [4-3]: Offense has looked subpar since the loss to Denver, but they’re still winning. [+4]

11. San Diego Chargers [4-3]: Phillip Rivers’ revival propels this team forward until the defense dooms it. [+4]

12. Detroit Lions [4-3]: No shame in losing to the Bengals anymore. [NC]

13. New York Jets [4-3]: Complain all you want about the overtime call, the Jets were in overtime with the Pats. That’s the story. [+3]

14. Carolina Panthers [4-3]: Cam Newton finally not waiting to December to play well. [+8]

15. Miami Dolphins [3-3]: Hot start to the season is going bad and might get worse. [-2]

16. Tennessee Titans [3-4]: Offense held back by its two “stars” — Kenny Britt & Chris Johnson. [+1]

17. Baltimore Ravens [3-4]: Running game stalled & Joe Flacco proving he’s no $100 million QB. [-5]

18. Chicago Bears [4-3]: Injuries crippling the defense & offense in a lot of trouble without Jay Cutler. [-9]

19. Buffalo Bills [3-4]: Playing better because of defense and field goals. Not pretty, but it’s working. [+5]

20. Philadelphia Eagles [3-4]: QB position is a mess. They need Mike Vick back ASAP. [-1]

21. Washington Redskins [2-4]: RG3 & the offense are back! Too bad about the rest of the team. [+5]

22. Atlanta Falcons [2-4]: Matt Ryan tells the NFL to cancel the burial, his birds are still flying — barely. [+1]

23. Pittsburgh Steelers [2-4]: +59 yard advantage in rushing yards is how the Steelers win games. [+5]

24. Cleveland Browns [3-4]: They’ll be a terrible team as long as Brandon Weeden is starting QB. [-6]

25. Arizona Cardinals [3-4]: He’s not as bad as Brandon Weeden, but he’s hurting his team almost as much. [-4]

26. Houston Texans [2-5]: Losers of 5 in a row and now Brian Cushing is gone for the season. [-1]

27. St. Louis Rams [3-4]: Crushed by the Panthers & by loss of QB Sam Bradford for the season. [-7]

28. New York Giants [1-6]: Upcoming game against Philly — with Matt Barkley at QB — gives Giants a chance to get off the mat. [+2]

29. Oakland Raiders [2-4]: Terrelle Pryor only sacked twice during team’s bye week. [NC]

30. Minnesota Vikings [1-5]: How does a team get worse after benching Christian Ponder? [-3]

31. Tampa Bay Buccaneers [0-6]: Defense is starting to quit. Greg Schiano almost officially a cast member of The Walking Dead. [NC]

32. Jacksonville Jaguars [0-7]: 0-16 is a real possibility. [NC]