The World’s Most Prestigious Power Poll: Week 7

Updated: October 15, 2013
Power Poll

01. Denver Broncos [6-0]: Rested during the 1st half of the Jags game, took care of business in the 2nd half. [NC]

02. Seattle Seahawks [5-1]: 2nd in running the ball, 2nd in stopping the pass makes up for Russell Wilson’s limp air attack. [+1]

03. Kansas City Chiefs [6-0]: 10 sacks, 3 INT and 1 INT return for a TD. I hope you had the KC defense in your fantasy league. [+1]

04. New England Patriots [5-1]: Not Tom Brady’s biggest drive, but definitely one of his greatest. Defense on Jimmy Graham was key to the win. [+3]

05. San Francisco 49ers [4-2]: Win turnover battle. Run the ball a lot. Win games. Not Joe Montana’s Niners, but it works. [+1]

06. New Orleans Saints [5-1]: Pitiful Saints defense snatches defeat from the jaws of victory. [-4]

07. Indianapolis Colts [4-2]: With all the focus on Andrew Luck, did anyone notice you can run right up the middle on these guys? [-2]

08. Cincinnati Bengals [4-2]: Have won 4 of 5 and look ready to control the AFC North. [NC]

09. Chicago Bears [4-2]: Jay Cutler finally the player he should have been years ago. [NC]

10. Green Bay Packers [3-2]: Field goals too much a part of the offense, but it was enough to beat the defending champs in their own building. [+1]

11. Baltimore Ravens [3-3]: Upcoming tilt with the Steelers to feature truly heroic number of field goal attempts. [-1]

12. Detroit Lions [4-2]: Who was the first in your fantasy league to grab Joseph Fauria? [NC]

13. Miami Dolphins [3-2]: Bye week left Dolphins’ home stadium even more empty than usual. [NC]

14. Dallas Cowboys [3-3]: Special teams bailed out the punchless offense. [NC]

15. San Diego Chargers [3-3]: Phillip Rivers shows Andrew Luck how it’s done on Monday night. [+4]

16. New York Jets [3-3]: Rex Ryan spent the bye week not getting fired. Also probably eating. [+1]


17. Tennessee Titans [3-3]: Thrives by winning the turnover battle. Too bad Ryan Fitzpatrick is now their QB. [+1]

18. Cleveland Browns [3-3]: Will never amount to much as long as Brandon Weeden is QB. [-3]

19. Philadelphia Eagles [3-3]: Nick Foles looked good, but the strong running game was his best friend. [+1]

20. St. Louis Rams [3-3]:  Maybe the finest performance of Sam Bradford’s career. [+7]

21. Arizona Cardinals [3-3]:  How long is the NFL going to pretend Carson Palmer is a starting-caliber QB? [NC]

22. Carolina Panthers [2-3]: Maybe they should relocate to Minneapolis. [+2]

23. Atlanta Falcons [1-4]: Facing three bad teams in a row, Atlanta’s shot at respectability starts now or never. [-1]

24. Buffalo Bills [2-4]: Everyone can stop laughing at Thad Lewis now. [-1]

25. Houston Texans [2-4]: Schaub’s backup threw a pick-6 in sympathy with the injured starter. [-8]

26. Washington Redskins [1-4]: Defense showed improvement, but RG3 took a step back and special teams are a disaster. [NC]

27. Minnesota Vikings [1-4]: Playing a lot better in London than they do in Minnesota. [-2]

28. Pittsburgh Steelers [1-4]: Dick LeBeau v. a rookie QB = Steelers win. [+1]

29. Oakland Raiders [2-4]: Terrelle Pryor and his offensive line had a complete meltdown in Kansas City. [-1]

30. New York Giants [0-6]: Worst defense in the NFL would disgust Lawrence Taylor if he was sober enough to know it. [NC]

31. Tampa Bay Buccaneers [0-5]: Losing a lot of relatively close games, as bad teams often do. [NC]

32. Jacksonville Jaguars [0-6]: You know your season has taken a wrong turn when losing by 16 is a shockingly good performance. [NC]