The World’s Most Prestigious Power Poll: Week 6

Updated: October 8, 2013
Power Poll

01. Denver Broncos [5-0]: Peyton Manning would like Jon Fox to stop asking him if he can play defense. [NC]

02. New Orleans Saints [5-0]: Rob Ryan defense doing something unusual — actually playing defense. [+2]

03. Seattle Seahawks [4-1]: Offense needs Russell Wilson to start passing as well as he’s running. [-1]

04. Kansas City Chiefs [5-0]: Andy Reid now winning with a terrific defense and a great 4th quarter running game. [+1]

05. Indianapolis Colts [4-1]: Roaring up the league ranks thanks not to Andrew Luck but to good defense and a strong running game. [+1]

06. San Francisco 49ers [3-2]: Colin Kaepernick could barely complete a pass, but the Niners still crushed the Texans. [+1]

07. New England Patriots [4-1]: Need Gronk back NOW! [-4]

08. Cincinnati Bengals [3-2]: They must run well and pressure the QB to win & that’s what they did to beat the Pats. [+3]

09. Chicago Bears [3-2]: Jay Cutler played very well, but it wasn’t nearly enough against a ferocious Saints team. [-1]

10. Baltimore Ravens [3-2]:  Ray Rice seems to be getting old quickly. [+2]

11. Green Bay Packers [2-2]: Aaron Rodgers’ mad bomber routine blasted the Lions to smithereens. [+4]

12. Detroit Lions [3-2]: An absolutely terrible team without Calvin Johnson in the lineup. [-2]

13. Miami Dolphins [3-2]: Ryan Tannehill getting sacked so often his life insurance premiums have gone up. [-4]

14. Dallas Cowboys [2-3]: With solid blocking the offense showed what it can do against the Broncos. Unfortunately, so did the defense. [+3]

15. New York Jets [3-2]: Rex Ryan doing more than enough through five weeks to keep his job. [+3]


16. Cleveland Browns [3-2]: Undefeated since trading Trent Richardson. [+7]

17. Houston Texans [2-3]: Schaub is tanking and Coach Kubiak wants to bench him, but the backups are worse. [-4]

18. Tennessee Titans [3-2]: Can beat bad teams with Ryan Fitzpatrick at quarterback, but he’s too inaccurate and reckless to keep them at the top of the AFC South. [-2]

19. San Diego Chargers [2-3]: Phillip Rivers had his first bad game last Sunday night and they can’t win if he’s less than great. [NC]

20. Philadelphia Eagles [2-3]: Should not need Michael Vick to handle the Bucs on Sunday. [+1]

21. Arizona Cardinals [3-2]:  Defense can really get after it, but Bruce Arians needs a new QB in the desert. [+3]

22. Atlanta Falcons [1-4]: Lost at home to a rookie QB and then lost their best player, Julio Jones, in the same night. They’re done. [-8]

23. Buffalo Bills [2-3]: Thad Lewis? Thad Lewis???. [-3]

24. Carolina Panthers [1-3]: Is Cam Newton going to wait until November to start playing like a star again. [-2]

25. Minnesota Vikings [1-3]: How soon can they get Josh Freeman into a uniform? [NC]

26. Washington Redskins [1-3]: The government shutdown does not mean the Redskins can quit on the rest of the season, even if it looks like the defense has already done so. [NC]

27. St. Louis Rams [2-3]:  Would be a threat to win the division if they could play the Jaguars 7 or 8 more times. [NC]

28. Oakland Raiders [2-3]: These guys have gone soft. Al Davis would have refused to pay Matt Flynn’s contract after cutting him. [NC]

29. Pittsburgh Steelers [0-4]: At least their quarterback isn’t molesting women anymore. Probably. [NC]

30. New York Giants [0-5]: Eli Manning being tested for color-blindness because he can’t seem to tell which jersey he’s throwing to. [NC]

31. Tampa Bay Buccaneers [0-5]: Spent the bye week firing their quarterback and preparing to pick one very high next April. [NC]

32. Jacksonville Jaguars [0-5]: Play the Broncos on Sunday. I expect Peyton Manning to throw two touchdowns during halftime. [NC]