The World’s Most Prestigious Power Poll: Week 4

Updated: September 25, 2013
Power Poll


01. Denver Broncos [3-0]: Amazingly, Peyton Manning is once again the best football player in the world. [NC]

02. Seattle Seahawks [3-0]: Love their chances for the Super Bowl if they can get home field because nobody beats them in Seattle. [NC]

03. New England Patriots [3-0]: Passing game still looks smooth as silk, though schedule has been easy so far. [+2]

04. New Orleans Saints [3-0]: Defense looks much improved but Dolphins, Bears & Patriots will provide a sterner test. [+3]

05. Chicago Bears [3-0]: All eyes have been on Marc Trestman and his offense, but it’s the defense that still gets it done in Chicago. [+1]

06. Kansas City Chiefs [3-0]: Andy Reid is quickly rehabbing that reputation that got so battered the last two years. [+2]

07. Cincinnati Bengals [2-1]: Bengals played the most exciting game of football last week… and they won! How often have you been able to say that? [+3]

08. Indianapolis Colts [2-1]: I didn’t think they had it in them to defend the Niners and win the game, but they did and this is their reward. [+4]

09. Miami Dolphins [2-1]: Have two road wins and two wins over playoff teams. Upcoming game against the Saints should be a blast. [+4]

10. Baltimore Ravens [2-1]: They may not have the talent of a champion right now, but they’ve still got the heart, which is a lot more than Houston can say. [+3]

11. Dallas Cowboys [2-1]: Haven’t beaten anyone good, but their only loss was to the unbeaten Chiefs. [+2]

12. Houston Texans [2-1]: Just when you think these guys are ready to take the next step… They never are. [-3]

13. San Francisco 49ers [1-2]: Kaepernick is taking most of the heat, but what happened to the great defense of the last two years? [-5]

14. Atlanta Falcons [1-2]: Didn’t lose their second game last year until December. Considering how that turned out, maybe it is better to get these out of the way now. [-3]

15. Green Bay Packers [1-2]: Aaron Rodgers finds the Bengals defense is tougher then the not-ready-for-prime-time players in D.C. [-1]

16. Detroit Lions [2-1]: First win in Washington since before most people had heard of Adolf Hitler. [+3]

17. Tennessee Titans [2-1]: Jake Locker & Co. are looking good right now, but I doubt it lasts. [+2]

18. New York Jets [2-1]: If you picked the Jets to be 2-1 right now, raise your hand. Now, stop lying. [+2]

19. San Diego Chargers [1-2]: The resurgence of Phillip Rivers is being held back by a  bad secondary and questionable play-calling. [-1]

20. Philadelphia Eagles [1-2]: Have lost 8 straight games at home. Why is anyone still paying for those tickets? [-2]

21. Buffalo Bills [1-2]: Rookie QB EJ Manuel couldn’t handle what Rex Ryan was throwing at him. [-2]

22. Carolina Panthers [1-2]: Dropping 38 on Big Blue for the previously-winless kittens? I didn’t see that one coming. [+4]

23. Cleveland Browns [1-2]: Obvious attempt to tank the season upset by surprise win last weekend. [+2]

24. Arizona Cardinals [1-2]: A lot of teams are going to regret passing on Tyrann Mathieu — at least until his next arrest. [NC]

25. St. Louis Rams [1-2]: Offense clearly had plans last Sunday that did not involve showing up to play a football game against Dallas. [-3]

26. Oakland Raiders [1-2]: Terrelle Pryor has been a pleasant surprise this year, but his concussion wasn’t so pleasant and he’s probably out against the Redskins. Fortunately for the Raiders, it’s only the Redskins. [+1]

27. Minnesota Vikings [0-3]: The Vikings can’t beat anyone unless Adrian Peterson is great and he’s averaging only 94 yards per game so far. [-2]

28. Pittsburgh Steelers [0-3]: Not good enough to overcome four turnovers by Big Ben. [NC]

29. Washington Redskins [0-3]: More screwed up than Congress right now. [NC]

30. New York Giants [0-3]: Tom Coughlin’s admission that the team is just getting manhandled bodes poorly for the future. I see no turnaround here. [-2]

31. Tampa Bay Buccaneers [0-3]: Josh Freeman is on his way out. Maybe he can hold the door open for coach Greg Schiano. [-1]

32. Jacksonville Jaguars [0-3]: Running out of negative adjectives to describe how awful this team is. [NC]