The World’s Most Prestigious Power Poll: Week 2

Updated: September 10, 2013
Power Poll

It was a wild and wooly first weekend for the NFL, with four teams scoring safeties. Somehow, I don’t think that’s what the NFL had in mind when they launched this pro-safety campaign. Read on…


01. Denver Broncos [1-0]: Up next is the latest edition of the Manning Bowl. As the NSA likes to say, don’t bet against big brother. [NC]

02. San Francisco 49ers [1-0]:  Offense held up surprisingly well without Michael Crabtree. [+1]

03. Seattle Seahawks [1-0]: The offense doesn’t like to play at 1 PM, but the defense shut down Cam Newton & Co. [+1]

04. Atlanta Falcons [0-1]: How did this offense score only 17 points on the saints? [-2]

05. Green Bay Packers [0-1]: Pack played so well the Niners needed help from the refs to win at home. [NC]

06. Houston Texans [1-0]: Big game from Matt Schaub, but Arian Foster doesn’t look right. Ben Tate on deck. [NC]

07. New England Patriots [1-0]: Barely good enough to beat a rookie QB making his pro debut. [NC]

08. Cincinnati Bengals [0-1]: Andy Dalton looked good and so did his receivers. Just cut down on those turnovers. [NC]

09. Baltimore Ravens [0-1]: If they give up 7 TD passes to Brandon Weenden this Sunday, THEN it’s time to panic in Charm City. [NC]

10. New Orleans Saints [1-0]: Toughed out a gutty win over the Falcons with a goal-line stand. [+4]

11. Chicago Bears [1-0]: Still getting victories by winning the turnover battle. [+1]

12. New York Giants [0-1]: We’ll know they’re really desperate when Tiki Barber’s phone rings. [-1]

13. Indianapolis Colts [1-0]: Struggled to win at home against the Raiders. Not a good sign. [NC]

14. Philadelphia Eagles [1-0]:  Speed kills, but can they keep up this pace? [+10]

Lesean McCoy

15. Dallas Cowboys [1-0]: Need six turnovers to win by 5 points at home. [NC]

16. St. Louis Rams [1-0]: Just imagine what Jared Cook can do if he stops fumbling. [NC]

17. Detroit Lions [1-0]: Reggie Bush with 90 rushing yards and 101 receiving yards. Yeah, he’ll fit in nicely. [+5]

18. Redskins [0-1]: I understand why RG3 was rusty. What’s everyone else using for an excuse? [-8]

19. Miami Dolphins [1-0]: They need a real running game or they won’t win many more in 2013. [NC]

20. Kansas City Chiefs [1-0]: Chiefs fans baffled by sudden appearance of numbers on the scoreboard. [NC]

21. Carolina Panthers [0-1]: A horrible DeAngelo Williams fumble inside the 10-yard line dooms the cats. [NC]

22. Pittsburgh Steelers [0-1]: I wasn’t strong on the Steelers before they lost Pouncey for the season. I think they’ll do well to win eight games. [-5]

23. Minnesota Vikings [0-1]: Another game, another 3 interceptions for Christian Ponder. How many will the Bears take away this Sunday? [-5] 

Terrelle Pryor

24. Arizona Cardinals [0-1]: Larry Fitzgerald gets to use his hands during games again! [+1]

25. San Diego Chargers [0-1]: At least Phillip Rivers looks good again… until the fourth quarter. [+1]

26. Buffalo Bills [0-0]: EJ Manuel almost pulled off the upset of the day. I see promise here. [+3]

27. Tennessee Titans [1-0]: Locker and Chris Johnson stunk, but the Steelers stunk more. [+1]

28. New York Jets [1-0]: Geno Smith proved he belongs in the NFL. If only he had some weapons… [+3]

29. Tampa Bay Buccaneers [0-1]: Freeman outplayed by the rookie Geno Smith & a stupid late hit sends the Bucs down to defeat. [-6]

30. Cleveland Browns [0-1]: Another game, another 3 interceptions for Brandon Weeden. [-3]

31. Oakland Raiders [0-1]: Helluvan effort by Terrelle Pryor. I underestimated him and now I’m rooting for him. [+1]

32. Jacksonville Jaguars [0-1]: Attention Blaine Gabbert: You’re doing football wrong. [-2]

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