The World’s Most Prestigious Power Poll: Week 12

Updated: November 20, 2013
Power Poll

Biggest Rise: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Biggest Fall: Green Bay Packers

01. Denver Broncos [9-1]: Slipped pas the Chiefs, but things get no easier with an angry Patriots team next up. [NC]

02. Seattle Seahawks [10-1]: Division safely in hand, they now focus on the Saints and home field advantage. [NC]

03. Kansas City Chiefs [9-1]: Never laid a glove on Peyton Manning. That never works. [NC]

04. New Orleans Saints [8-2]: If not for Peyton Manning, Drew Brees would be cruising to an MVP trophy. [NC]

05. New England Patriots [7-3]: Tom Brady has beaten Peyton Manning nine times. He needs another one this week. [NC]

06. Carolina Panthers [7-3]: Head Coach Ron River might be in line for a contract extension. [NC]

07. San Francisco 49ers [6-4]: Defense playing great, but offense needs help & they shouldn’t expect much from Michael Crabtree after he returns. [NC]

08. Indianapolis Colts [7-3]: Tough road game in Arizona looms, but the division is in the bag. [NC]

09. Cincinnati Bengals [7-4]: Can they hold on to their division lead until week 17 or will Andy Dalton give it away? [+1]

10. Detroit Lions [6-4]: Scheduling winter break during the second half of last Sunday’s game probably a mistake. [-1]

11. Chicago Bears [6-4]: Doesn’t help Jay Cutler’s contracts demands that Josh McCown is winning in his place. [NC]

12. Philadelphia Eagles [6-5]: Looks like the NFC East is now theirs to win. [+1]

13. Arizona Cardinals [6-4]: Winners of three straight & duking it out with mighty San Fran for a wild card spot. [+3]

14. Dallas Cowboys [5-5]: Must defeat the Giants this Sunday or season could be shot. [NC]

15. Miami Dolphins [5-5]: Gutsy win at home after everyone, including me, wrote them off. [+3]

16. San Diego Chargers [4-6]: Promising season going down the drain. [+2]

17. Pittsburgh Steelers [4-6]: Think the Steelers still want to trade Big Ben? [+4]

18. Baltimore Ravens [4-5]: Is Ray Rice back? I doubt it. [NC]

19. Cleveland Browns [4-6]: Jason Campbell comes crashing back down to Earth. [-2]

20. New York Jets [5-5]: The Geno-coaster’s making fans a bit sick at this point. [-8]

21. Tennessee Titans [4-6]: Need to play for a full game, Chris Johnson. [-1]

22. New York Giants [4-6]: Four straight wins over four bad teams raises hopes in the Big Apple. [+2]

23. Oakland Raiders [4-7]: Unlike Terrelle Pryor, Matt McGloin looks like he can throw a pass. [+5]

24. Tampa Bay Buccaneers [2-8]: Could Mike Glennon be the one? [+7]

25. Buffalo Bills [4-7]: EJ Manuel made mincemeat of that Jets blitz and outdueled his rookie rival Geno Smith.  [+2]

26. Green Bay Packers [5-5]: They’re terrible until Aaron Rodgers comes back. [-11]

27. St. Louis Rams [4-6]: Rest of their opponents are over .500 so don’t bank many more wins. [-1]

28. Washington Redskins [3-7]: The fans are disgusted and the players are getting restless. At least they’ll have a high draft pick… Oh, wait. [-5]

29. Houston Texans [2-8]: Benching Case Keenum made no sense. Gary Kubiak is done in Houston. [-4]

30. Atlanta Falcons [2-8]: Hosting Washington may be Atlanta’s only chance for another win this season. [-1]

31. Minnesota Vikings [2-8]: Back to the basement with no more Redskins games on the schedule. [-1]

32. Jacksonville Jaguars [1-9]: Defense did what many thought impossible — made Carson Palmer look like a franchise QB. [NC]