The World’s Most Prestigious Power Poll: Week 11

Updated: November 13, 2013
Power Poll

01. Denver Broncos [8-1]: They get the Chiefs in two of the next three games. The AFC West is about to be decided. [NC]

02. Seattle Seahawks [9-1]: Marshawn Lynch left his cleats all over the jerseys of Falcon defenders. [NC]

03. Kansas City Chiefs [9-0]: Spent bye week thanking the NFL gods for sending them so many awful opponents. That’s about to change. [NC]

04. New Orleans Saints [7-2]: Peyton Manning is still atop the MVP race, but Drew Brees made his case on Sunday night. [+2]

05. New England Patriots [7-2]: Movin’ up the rankings because the teams around them lost. [+3]

06. Carolina Panthers [6-3]: After a month of crushing bad teams, the NFL’s best defense went into San Fran & beat up on Kaepernick & the 49ers. [+5]

07. San Francisco 49ers [6-3]: No Vernon Davis means no passing game. [-2]

08. Indianapolis Colts [6-3]: Lost by 30 to a bad team & it wasn’t even that close. [-4]

09. Detroit Lions [6-3]: In pole position for division title for first time since leather helmets were abolished. [+1]

10. Cincinnati Bengals [6-4]: Same old Bengals? No, just the same old Andy Dalton. [-3]

11. Chicago Bears [5-4]: Healthy Josh McCown apparently better than hobbled Jay Cutler. [-2]

12. New York Jets [5-4]: Rex Ryan spent the bye week not getting fired. [+2]

13. Philadelphia Eagles [5-5]: Didn’t take long for Michael Vick to become an afterthought. [+7]

14. Dallas Cowboys [ 5-4]: Thank goodness they got rid of Rob Ryan and his awful defense! [-1]

15. Green Bay Packers [5-4]: Aaron Rodgers covered up a multitude of sins on this team that are now plain to see. [-3]

16. Arizona Cardinals [5-4]: Blitz-happy defense has the birds in contention for a wild card spot I still don’t see it happening, though. [+2]

17. Cleveland Browns [4-5]: Beat the Bengals on Sunday & they have as good a shot at the AFC North as anyone. Andy Dalton might help. [+2]

18. Baltimore Ravens [4-5]: Like 2000 Super Bowl team, defense has to win every game because the offense is awful. Unlike the 2000 Super Bowl team, that won’t work often enough. [+3]

19. San Diego Chargers [4-5]: Will never amount to anything unless they learn to beat the Broncos. [-4]

20. Tennessee Titans [4-5]: Losing Jake Locker & a game to the Jags in one day? These guys are forked. [-4]

21. Miami Dolphins [4-5]: What’s worse, having a madhouse for a locker room or losing to Greg Schiano on national TV? [Even if no one was watching.] [-4]

22. Pittsburgh Steelers [3-6]: Surprise, surprise — defense looks a lot better against a rookie QB than Tom Brady. [+5]

23. Washington Redskins [3-6]:  Only one defense has made Christian Ponder look like a star — this one. [-1]

24. New York Giants [3-6]: Have won three straight games without every looking like a good team. [+4]

25. Houston Texans [2-7]: Case Keenum looks good, but Gary Kubiak needs a win or two to save his job, even if he’s not on the sidelines right now. [NC]

26. St. Louis Rams [4-5]: Zach Stacy. That is all. [+3]

27. Buffalo Bills [3-7]: EJ Manuel may be the answer next year, but nothing will help the Bills in 2013. [-4]

28. Oakland Raiders [3-6]: This team has no passing offense. Unfortunately, the NFL is a passing league. [-4]

29.  Atlanta Falcons [2-7]: So bad now the Buccaneers think they can get a winning streak going. [-3]

30. Minnesota Vikings [2-7]: Wondering how they can get a win, the Redskins defense arrives to answer the Vikings’ prayers. [NC]

31. Tampa Bay Buccaneers [1-8]: They really bullied the Dolphins on Monday night. Too soon? [NC]

32. Jacksonville Jaguars [1-8]: They’ve screwed up everything else so why not screw up the first pick in the Draft. [NC]