The World’s Most Prestigious Power Poll: Week 10

Updated: November 6, 2013
Power Poll

01. Denver Broncos [7-1]: Peyton Manning threw only 4 TD passes during the bye week. [NC]

02. Seattle Seahawks [8-1]: Biggest threat right now is complacency, as we saw last week. [NC]

03. Kansas City Chiefs [9-0]: Pete Prisco calls them the worst 9-0 team he’s ever seen. Who wouldn’t like to be the worst 9-0 team in the league? [NC]

04. Indianapolis Colts [6-2]: Almost let the reeling Texans and a rookie QB beat them, but Andrew Luck led his team back again. [NC]

05. San Francisco 49ers [6-2]: Crabtree returning at the right time, as a tough game with the Panthers is looming . [NC]

06. New Orleans Saints [6-2]: Loss to the Jets may cost the Saints home field advantage. Playing in the Superdome is more fun than playing in Seattle in late January. [NC]

07. Cincinnati Bengals [6-3]: If you had Marvin Jones on your fantasy team you have no excuse for not winning last week. [NC]

08. New England Patriots [7-2]: 4 players racked up at least 120 yards of offense against the Steelers last Sunday. [NC]

09. Chicago Bears [5-3]: Luke McCown looks like a real NFL QB. When did that happen? [+9]

10. Detroit Lions [5-3]: Tied with Bears & Packers, but the Lions have their starting QB and those other teams do not. [NC]

11. Carolina Panthers [ 5-3]: Feasting on bad teams, but the Niners will be a sterner test. [+1]

12. Green Bay Packers [5-3]: Must play several division games without Aaron Rodgers, but where was the defense on Monday night? [-3]

13. Dallas Cowboys [ 5-3]: Alleged choker Tony Romo bailed them out again. What happened to that running game? [NC]

14. New York Jets [5-4]: Rex Ryan just loves playing his brother Rob. [NC]

15. San Diego Chargers [4-4]: Couldn’t get 12 inches in three attempts. Absolutely disgraceful. [-4]

16. Tennessee Titans [4-4]: Chris Johnson came alive against Rams. If they can take the Jags & Raiders next two weeks, they’ll be in good shape for a wild card. [+1]

17. Miami Dolphins [4-4]: Lack of veteran & coaching control over locker room has turned the team into a disgrace. [-1]

18. Arizona Cardinals [4-4]: Pretty good against anyone not in their division. Unfortunately, divisions matter in the NFL. [+1]

19. Cleveland Browns [4-5]: Congrats to the long-suffering Jason Campbell, who is getting some long-deserved redemption. [+2]

20. Philadelphia Eagles [4-5]: Nick Foles has 13 TD passes & 0 INT this season. [-4]

21. Baltimore Ravens [3-5]: I don’t see another late season run in these guys. [-6]

22. Washington Redskins [3-5]: Redskins re-discovering their running backs is the best news their fans have had all season. [+1]

23. Buffalo Bills [3-6]: Outplayed the Chiefs in every possible way and still lost by double digits. [-3]

24. Oakland Raiders [3-5]: Supposedly good defense made Nick Foles look like Peyton Manning. [-2]

25. Houston Texans [2-6]: Losers of 6 straight, but I think Case Keenum might be the real deal. [+1]

26. Atlanta Falcons [2-6]: Matt Ryan has 7 INT in the last two games. [-1]

27. Pittsburgh Steelers [2-6]: The Rooney’s are famously patient with their coaches but Mike Tomlin can’t afford too many debacles like last Sunday. [NC]

28. New York Giants [2-6]: Anyone else find it weird that Peyton and Eli Manning got a bye week at the same time? [NC]

29. St. Louis Rams [3-5]: Still have games against the Seahawks, 49ers and Colts and Kellen Clemens will be the QB. [NC]

30. Minnesota Vikings [1-7]: This awful team is back on national TV on Thursday night. America begs for a reprieve! [NC]

31. Tampa Bay Buccaneers [0-8]: Look great for 30 minutes against the Seahawks, but NFL games last 60 minutes or more. [NC]

32. Jacksonville Jaguars [0-8]: Have scored as many TD this season as Nick Foles threw in one game. [NC]