The World’s Most Prestigious Power Poll: Week 5

Updated: October 2, 2013
Power Poll


01. Denver Broncos [4-0]: Real-life Peyton Manning outplaying Madden video game Manning. [NC]

02. Seattle Seahawks [4-0]: Like a budding champion, got win on the road despite being outplayed most of the game. [NC]

03. New England Patriots [4-0]: Offense keeps rolling, but loss of NT Vince Wilfork for the season is a real blow. [NC]

04. New Orleans Saints [4-0]: . Brees & Co. putting a bounty out on all opposing defenses. [NC]

05. Kansas City Chiefs [4-0]: Will Andy Reid ever stop beating the crap out of the NFC East? [+1]

06. Indianapolis Colts [3-1]: They’re on a roll. If they can keep rolling against the Seahawks, the whole league will be put on  notice. [+2]

07. San Francisco 49ers [2-2]: Vicious beat-down of Rams gets the Niners back to smash-mouth football. [+6]

08. Chicago Bears [3-1]: No reason to panic: Jay Cutler had one of those games Jay Cutler has a couple of times every year. [-3]

09. Miami Dolphins [3-1]: Monday night rout at the hands of the Saints leaves them looking not quite ready for prime time. [NC]

10. Detroit Lions [3-1]: Reggie Bush is the weapon this offense has been waiting for. [+6]

11. Cincinnati Bengals [2-2]: He’s a younger version of Matt Schaub and, well, see below. [-4]

12. Baltimore Ravens [2-2]: Did someone tell Joe Flacco he’s getting paid by the interception? [-2]

13. Houston Texans [2-2]: Matt Schaub makes it impossible to take this team seriously as a Super Bowl contender. [-1]

14. Atlanta Falcons [1-3]: Have lost three close games to three good teams. [NC]

15. Green Bay Packers [1-2]: Aaron Rodgers spent his bye week filming more “discount double check” commercials. [NC]

16. Tennessee Titans [2-1]: Impressive start to the season but loss of Jake Locker for at least a month, probably longer, will hurt. [+1]


17. Dallas Cowboys [2-2]: Two wins came against teams with a record of 1-7. And Peyton Manning is coming to town… [-6]

18. New York Jets [2-2]: Good defense keeping these guys going while rookie QB works through the turnovers. [-1]

19. San Diego Chargers [2-2]: Too bad they only get to play the NFC East every four years. [+1]

21. Buffalo Bills [2-2]: A strong rushing attack is every young quarterback’s best friend. [+1]

22. Philadelphia Eagles [1-3]: Thanks to Peyton Manning, Chip Kelly now knows what its like to be on the other side of a brutal rout. [-2]

22. Carolina Panthers [1-2]: I could see this team winning 9 games or 6 games. Nobody knows what they are right now. Not even them. [NC]

23. Cleveland Browns [2-2]: Undefeated since trading Trent Richardson. [NC]

24. Arizona Cardinals [2-2]: Struggled mightily to beat a bad Bucs team starting a rookie QB. [NC]

25. Minnesota Vikings [1-3]: A very dangerous team when Adrian Peterson is wearing his Superman uniform. [+2]

26. Washington Redskins [1-3]: Skins ran the ball 33 times and passed 32 times last Sunday. THAT is winning Redskins football. [+3]

27. St. Louis Rams [1-3]:  If anyone is going to lose to the Jaguars, it might be these guys. [-2]

28. Oakland Raiders [1-3]: Never thought I’d type this: This football team needs Terrelle Pryor back immediately. [-2]

29. Pittsburgh Steelers [0-4]: No team can be as miserable as this one going into a bye week. They can’t even tackle anymore. A Steelers team that can’t tackle! Isn’t that one of the signs of the Apocalypse or something? [-2]

30. New York Giants [0-4]: Have been outscored 69-7 the last two weeks & Eli Manning leads the NFL in turnovers. [NC]

31. Tampa Bay Buccaneers [0-4]: Showed a bit of fire with rookie Mike Glennon at QB, but still looking at 12+ losses. [NC]

32. Jacksonville Jaguars [0-4]: NFL is trying to demote them to the SEC, but the SEC doesn’t want them. [NC]