The Popularity of American Football in America and the People Outside America

You do not have to ask anymore about the popularity of the American football in United States. That is because this game is very popular. Besides that, there are also some countries outside the United States that consider this sport as something quite popular. The problem is that even though American Football is one of the greatest sports in United States, there are quite a lot of people around the world that consider that American football is not something worth to watch. Do you have the same opinion? If you do, then you need to know why the sport is very popular inside the US but not outside the US.

For the start, it is because of the complicated rules. There are rules in sport. However, some of those sports are quite friendly by giving the simple rules. Unfortunately, American football is not one of them that will give all of the easiness in understanding all of the rules in the game. It might be caused by the fact that this game is the combination of soccer and rugby so that you can expect the sport has the rules from those two different sports. Does it make sense?

The second one is because of the duration. Some sports have set a specific duration for a game, but many others are not. This is something quite common actually. However, based on the records that you can easily access on the internet, a game of American football can easily take up to four until six hours to finish. That is a very long time to watch a game and also many member like to bet on if the market gambling for American Football is open, and It might be something boring for some people. Fortunately, the regular or average time for a game to finish is just about two hours. So, it is quite okay for many people around the world.

The Popularity of American Football in AmericaThe last but not least is because of tradition. This is something that you cannot deny because when you are talking about tradition, you cannot expect all of the people to love your tradition. It is as if American football is the original sport of America. That is why a lot of American people love to watch the game despite of the controversies that you usually get from some other people outside United States. That is because the American football is part of their culture and you have to admit that. That is why not all of the people in the world have the same liking for the American football.

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