Shanny and Dr. Andrews conflicting?

Updated: August 30, 2013
RG3 and Andrews

The news is out. Dr. James Andrews has cleared Robert Griffin III to play. However, conflicting reports from Shanahan and Dr. Andrews still exist. Shanahan said himself that Dr. Andrews has cleared Griffin. But he went further;

Shanahan refused to say whether Griffin would play in the season opener on Sept. 9 against the Philadelphia Eagles, saying only, “There’s a couple concerns that [Andrews] has. I’ll talk to Robert over the weekend and let you guys know on Monday.” Asked what the concerns centered around, Shanahan only repeated that he would talk to Griffin over the weekend, and then would discuss the matter further on Monday.

Now, Dr. Andrews conflicts Shanahan. He said via text message that there are no concerns.

But Andrews denied all of those claims, saying via text message Friday afternoon, “None of it is true. No concerns.”

So which is it?

To me, given the super high profile of Griffin and his surgically repaired knee, this is quite mind boggling. You would think, given the intense media scrutiny, that everyone within the organization would be on the same page. Dr. Andrews is the orthopedic surgeon for Washington and the treating surgeon for Griffin. So where does the communication differences come from? It isn’t like the Griffin release is a shock. There were press conferences and reports on Griffin throughout his rehabilitation. It was by far the number one issue concerning the Redskins offseason. That makes this conflict even more bizarre.

This is not the first time that Shanahan and Dr. Andrews have had different statement related to Griffin and his injury. There were differences back when Griffin was permitted to reenter the game in Seattle that ultimately damaged Griffin’s knee. Yet, here we are again. Another conflicting report between the two. It is almost as if there was absolutely no learning experience from that miscommunication.

Mind boggling.