Shanahan: Griffin to start against Eagles

Updated: September 2, 2013
Cousins, RG3, Pat White

Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III pretty much cleared himself for Week One against the Philadelphia Eagles. Just a few days ago, Dr. James Andrews cleared Griffin from. Medical standpoint, reiterating that the final determination would only be made by Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan.

That affirmation came today.

Shanahan formally announced that RG3 will make the season start against the Eagles on Monday night. Shanahan, in making that decision, stated it was made after a Conference call with GM Bruce Allen and Dr. Andrews. In making that decision, Shanahan said that “you have to trust us. There are certain conversations that stay between doctor, coach, and player.” Shanahan reiterated that “so far so good. He’ll be ready for Monday night” indicating there has been absolutely, no soreness or swelling. Furthermore, Shanahan said “he’s gotten a lot,of great reps in practice, no setbacks, no swelling. I feel very good where he’s at.”

As to the conflicting reports last week, Shanahan said that Dr. Andrews never relayed any concerns to him about RG3, backing up what Dr. Andrews tweeted. Perhaps, when Shanahan mentioned concerns, they were his concerns, not that of the medical staff.

Other Notes:

Shanahan was said he was uncertain whether Brandon Meriweather would be ready for Mo day night. He indicated that Meriweather was a little sore. His soreness is thought to be his groin, not his previously injured knee.

The Redskins also announced team captains. They are: Trent Williams, RG3, London Fletcher, Barry Cofield, and Reed Doughty.