Robert Griffin: Ready for more

Updated: August 5, 2013
Griffin presser

Washington Redskins QB Robert Griffin III told the media today that he’s “ready to move on” and take a bigger role in the offense as he continues to final stages of his right knee rehabilitation.

Sounding frustrated and very anxious to get into regular practice with the rest of the team, Griffin said: “Coach will tell you something else, but obviously I’m ready…to go to team reps. I’ve just got to keep doing what Coach asks me to do.”

“They have to come through for me and play me Week one if I do everything they ask me to do,” Griffin said of the coaching staff. “I’m ready to move on. You can only do so much in seven-on-sevens.”

Saying his right knee is free of pain — and pointing to the fact that he hasn’t missed a practice — Griffin repeatedly made his case for an expanded workload, sounding hopeful, determined and increasingly confident in the success of his rehabilitation.

“I feel like I’m in rhythm out there throwing the ball” during seven-on-seven drills. Griffin also says he feels good about his lower body strength and when he misses a throw, he quickly corrects it so the problem will not return. “Everything from the timing to the mechanics of everything that I’m doing out there that the coaches are asking me to do, whether it’s a plant throw, hitch throw, a deep throw or short throw, I feel like I’m in tune with all that, and that the leg’s not an issue.”

“Fortunately, I haven’t had any soreness or any swelling in my knee particular to the injury,” said the sophomore quarterback. “And I haven’t had any sore legs, so that’s also a good thing. I’m one of the guys that hasn’t had a day off, and that’s not just because I’m stubborn or hardheaded, it’s just my body has felt good.

“I feel good now. I felt good a couple of weeks ago. But I definitely felt better today. [Coach Mike Shanahan] has really taken the reins on this one and [is] holding me out of me out of a lot of stuff. I’m doing everything they are asking me to do right now. I feel like I’m in rhythm out there throwing the ball in the seven-on-seven drills I do get. And that’s all I can do — just continue to prove to them, the players that I’m ready to play.”

Despite being less than pleased with his reduced role in training camp and the preseason to come, Griffin grudgingly allowed that he must accept his coach’s decision.

“You can say whatever you want about what he’s doing—I could feel any kind of way about it—but at the end of the day, we all have to be on the same page, and that’s what I’m trying to do,” said RG3. “Just do everything the coaches ask me to do, show them that my rhythm and timing is there, show them that I can play, and at the end of the day, they have to come through for me and play me Week one if I do everything they ask me to do.”

Although not pleased with Coach Mike Shanahan‘s decision to keep him out of the preseason, Griffin said “I have to be at peace with it.”

None of this should come as a shock to anyone who knows that Griffin talked himself back into the Baltimore game after an injury and talked himself back into the starting lineup after only one week, though he was clearly not yet healthy. In addition, Griffin talked his way into staying in the playoff game against Seattle even though he was obviously badly hurt during his magnificent first quarter performance and never looked right after that.


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