Robert Griffin III: “There’s no doubt I’m playing Week 1″

Updated: August 12, 2013
Griffin presser

Washington Redskins QB Robert Griffin III took 53 of the team’s 70 snaps with the first team offense during Monday morning’s walk-through and then addressed the media telling them “There’s  no doubt I’m playing week one.”

The 53 snaps with the first team offense was a significant increase over Griffin’s previous workload during training camp.

When asked if he will be taking part in full team drills tomorrow, Griffin responded “That’s the plan.” Griffin: “I’ve heard multiple reports, but yes, that’s the plan to do 11-on-11 tomorrow.” Said Griffin: “You’ll get to see me play football, not just 7-on-7′s.”

When asked if full participation in practice would be a big step for him, Griffin demurred. “I don’t think it’s a huge step. I just think it’s time to get back out there with my teammates.”

Griffin denied that he has not been told when he will play. “I know the whole plan. I don’t know if he [Coach Shanahan] wants me to tell the whole plan, but I know the plan.”

Griffin said he dressed for the Titans game last Thursday night because he wanted to go through the full game preparation as if he was going to play, just to get back into playing mode.

When discussing his relationship with his head coach, Griffin said: “We’ve ironed it out, and there’s definite trust there.” Further: “When you give your word to somebody, that’s all you have, I’m banking on him [Shanahan] keeping his word.”

On the plan Shanahan has used for Griffin during the offseason and keeping him away from contact and the preseason, Griffin made it clear he’s not entirely comfortable with it. “I can’t B.S. that answer. No. I don’t like it, and there’s some part of it that I do understand. I don’t understand all of it, but he gave me his word. We talked about it. I know the plan. I’m not telling the whole plan because he doesn’t want the whole plan known. I understand that as well. But I don’t understand the whole plan at all. I can’t lie about that. When you give your word to somebody, that’s all you have, so I’m just banking that they’re gonna stay true to their word and I’m staying true to mine. I’m doing everything that they ask me to do without any gripes – I mean, other than with you guys – and that’s the way you’ve got to do it.”

Griffin also made it clear he isn’t happy with waiting until September 9 to play. “I want to play in the preseason… If things go great these next couple days, maybe, but it’s a hard ‘no’ right now.”

Griffin said he knew there would be a significant amount of scrutiny about his knee and his overall health, though he still does not seem comfortable with the attention paid to it. “I knew this was gonna happen. It happened on a much, much, much smaller scale in college.”

Griffin, who suffered a similar injury to his right knee in college at Baylor, said he experienced soreness in his knee during spring ball when he was rehabilitating that injury, but he felt no soreness in the knee in the fall.