Robert Griffin III: “No Friction”

Updated: August 12, 2013
Griffin presser

Again, rumors swirl today that Washington redskins QB Robert Griffin III and Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan are at odds on his time table for his return from his torn ACL.   Those rumors are based on Griffin ‘s own statements today.   When asked if he understood why Shanahan was bringing him along slowly, Griffin responded;

“I can’t BS that answer, so, uh, no.  I don’t like it.”  Robert Griffin III

So, based on that statement, rumors abounded about ongoing friction between Shanny and Griffin.

Even at that, Griffin needs to understand the intense criticism and scrutiny placed on Mike Shanahan because of the injury to Griffin.  The criticism didn’t just come from fans and medial analysts, but from Griffin himself.

“My first NFL season and my injury that ended it showed me a lot about the league, my team and myself. i know where my responsibility is within the dilemma that led to me having surgery to repair my knee and all parties involved know their responsibilities as well. I m looking forward to playing the game we all love so much again and not behind at the negative. thanks for the overwhelming level of support that i’ve received, sic em bears and hail to the redskins!!”

Is that outwardly blaming Mike Shanahan?  No.  Does it imply Mike Shanahan?  Absolutely.

So it seems kind odd that Griffin would now be critical of a more conservative approach to his return.  How can Griffin allege possible responsibility and recklessness, but then expect Shanahan to just throw him back in the mix just 6 months after ACL surgery?  Would that not be reckless and irresponsible as well?  What of Griffin played in the pre-season and re-injured the knee?  Would Shanahan be to blame if he caved in and allowed RG3 to follow his own timeline?

Considering how insignificant pre-season is, just sit back and enjoy Robert.

A tweet from a few minutes ago from Robert Griffin III seems to try and water down the friction argument.

“There is no friction.  There is an understanding between coach and player.  Don’t have to like everything.”

End of story.