Redskins v. Eagles Quarter by Quarter Summary

Updated: November 17, 2013
Redskins v. Eagles

The Washington Redskins face the Philadelphia Eagles in the city of Brotherly Love today for a NFC East showdown that is far from brotherly.  The Redskins sit at 3-6 in the NFC East, exactly where they sat last season before going on a season ending dominant run.  If they are to do that in 2013, it must start in Philadelphia.  The Redskins face a MUST win game today.

1st Quarter:  Washington Redskins 0  Eagles 7

WR Pierre Garcon goes out after a reverse with an injury.  Awaiting word on his status.  That would be a crippling loss for the Redskins.  RB Alfred Morris has 19 yards on his first two carries.  QB Robert Griffin III missed a wide open Logan Paulsen.  Washington is forced to punt after a promising drive.  EJ Biggers gives Washington 15 more negative yards with a personal foul penalty.  Washington forces the Eagles to punt the ball away with some nice coverage and pass pressure.  Nick Williams out for his first punt return, and Washington will have the ball not he two yard line, getting a poor bounce.  Griffin has carried the ball twice on this drive for 19 yards.  Washington is moving the football with the run game.   Redskins forced to punt the football again, after allowing a sack of Griffin.  Washington gives up a big play with a complete mismatch of Ryan Kerrigan covering LeSean McCoy.  Nick Foles scores on a four yard run.   Washington forced to punt again after a Santana Moss drop.  Offense is stalling in Philly.

2nd Quarter:  Redskins 0  Eagles 17

Philadelphia gets a big passing play with TE Brent Celek taking the ball down inside the Washington two-yard line.  Defensive Coordinator Jim Haslett getting owned by Chip Kelly again.  This is pathetic.  Eagles score.  Washington drives deep into Philadelphia territory with a mix of Griffin, Morris, and Helu running the ball.   Griffin the hits a nice short pass to Jordan Reed who takes the ball inside the Eagles 10.   Griffin fumbles the ball after being hit, giving the ball back to the Eagles.  When things are going wrong, they are going very wrong.  Eagles convert a 24 yard field goal.   Morris picks up 21 yards to move the ball to mid-field.   After another promising drive running the ball, Washington’s pass protection buries another drive, forcing the Redskins to punt again.