Redskins Thumbs up and Thumbs Down: Week Two

Updated: September 15, 2013

Well, that was fun, wasn’t it? Just as much fun as last week on Monday night. Same result, the final scoring being closer than the real performance on the field. Seems like the only way the Redskins can generate offense is when an opposing teams gets a huge lead and sits back a bit. Defensively, the Redskins were once again atrocious. Games like this make this article much more difficult to write. But, here we go . . .


WR Pierre Garçon. This one is easy. Not only did Garçon put up excellent numbers, but he looked like one of the only players out there actually fighting for yards. The chemistry between Robert Griffin III and Garçon is undeniable and one of the rare aspects of the offense that you can say is positive. Garçon caught 8 passes for 143 yards and a 6 yard TD reception. He fought hard for yards after the catch and averaged 17.9 yards per reception. Griffin targeted Garçon 13 times during the game. His longest reception was 44 yards. No doubt, Garçon was the best player on the Redskins offense today.

RB Alfred Morris. After a painful game against Philadelphia last week that resulted in an embarrassing fumble. Morris ran quite well today and could have had a more effective game if the Redskins did not fall so far back in points. Morris carried the ball 13 times for 107 yards, averaging over 8 yards per carry. He ran effectively, hit holes nicely, and ran with a sense of purpose that we saw last season. More importantly, he held on to the football. Not a bad game on just 13 carries.


Secondary. It has to be the worst secondary in football. For the second straight game, Redskins fans witnessed a quarterback pick on the secondary at will. Aaron Rodger threw for a career high 480 yards and 4 TDs. In addition, they allowed 28 total first downs from passing. Yeah, it is Rodgers, but notice the career high in yards. The Redskins secondary is nothing short of a quarterbacks dream. Not only were receiver abundantly not covered, but the tackling was horrific. The secondary is not following through in basic fundamentals of tackling. Rookie David Amersen has a very poor game and was victimized by Rodgers. More concerning was Amersen’s tackling. It was horrendous to watch. DeAngelo Hall is what he is. He has been, still is, and will always be overrated. Honestly, these first two games, the Redskins secondary is one of the poorest I have ever seen.

Discipline. Once again, the Redskins are good at victimizing themselves, racking up who more personal fouls and committing seven penalties. You simply can’t win Ames like that. I thought when DeJon Gomes was released we would solve some of the poor disciplinein stupid personal fouls. I was wrong.

Rush defense. The Redskins curse continues of knocking out starting running backs and getting crushed by the backup. Green Bay tallied 139 yards rushing and average nearly 6 yards per carry, after knocking Lacy out of the game. Much of the bigger runs by backup James Starks came from simple poor tackling. Starks nailed the Redskins for 132 yards and average 6.6 yards per carry. The defensive line was blown completely apart on several Starks’ runs, causing gaping holes for big gains.

For The record: Redskins have been out gained in yards 695-230 in the first half this season. They have been out scored 50-7, with the lone TD coming from a defensive TD against Philadelphia. Take a look at field position as well. The Redskins have had the ball 24 times and started inside their own 20 on 18 of those possessions. This is bad football folks. Just bad football. And for those of you whacky fans out there calling for Kirk Cousins, remember, Cousins doesn’t play defense.

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