Redskins Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down: Broncos rout Skins

Updated: October 27, 2013


What a first half of football.  Washington had a 7-7 tie and then came out at half time and ran up a 21-7 lead.  It all collapsed from there.  The Redskins mysteriously abandoned a run game that led to the 21-7 lead, Denver teed off on QB Robert Griffin III and routed Washington 45-21.  Here are the Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down.


CB DeAngelo Hall:  Hall is having one of the best seasons of his career.  He is playing shutdown football on his side of the field and helping cover blown coverages elsewhere.  We have been hard on Hall on this site, many times, deservedly so.  However, he is backing up the talk this season with outstanding cornerback play.  Today was no different.  Hall picked off QB payeton Manning twice and scored his second pick six of the season.  Hall added 4 tackles as well.  The lone shining star on a poor defensive performance.  Then again, we’ve become use to it.

RB Alfred Morris:  Morris carried the ball 17 times for 93 yards for  5.5 yards per carry.  That was all done in nearly three quarters, as the Shanahan’s mysteriously chose to abandon the run.  Morris was running with pure power, picking up some  quality yards after initial contact.  Morris was running very well.  Denver was struggling against the run and Morris was a big factor early in keeping Manning off the field.  Then, when Shanahan chose to abandon the run, despite success, you saw an epic collapse.  Kudos to Morris for an excellent game.  He could have easily put up a 150+ yard game today.


HC Mike Shanahan and OC Kyle Shanahan:  How can you run up a 21-7 lead on the back of an effective running game that Denver could not stop, then just completely abandon it.  That decision is completely mystifying.  Alfred Morris put up 93 yards on 17 carries for a 5.5 yards per carry.  He was averring over 6 yards per carry when the Shanahan’s made the ill-advised decision to go to the air.  Not sure what they possibly could have been thinking.  The one way to beat an elite quarterback like Peyton Manning is to keep Manning off the field.  They did that effectively in the first half and held Denver to just 7 points.  After abandoning the run, Denver ran up the score and simply teed off on Robert Griffin III.  Pretty easy to determine why.  Once Denver had a nice lead, they knew Washington would pass.  It ultimately led to 18 hits on Griffin and an injured left knee for Griffin.  Thanks Shanahans’.

Offensive Line:  What a poor game for pass protection.  Robert Griffin III was hit 18 times and sacked three times.  Protection was awful.  Plenty of those 18 hits came from non-blitz packages.  Trent Williams got beat bad a few times.  The interior of the line was consistent with the rest of the season, meaning, they played poorly.  It was an all around horrible performance and they all owe Griffin an apology.