Redskins Roundup: Well, isn’t that special?

Updated: October 22, 2013
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Report: The Redskins want to trade TE Fred Davis. READ ABOUT IT!

It’s a sign of how bad the Redskins special teams are — the worst in the NFL, I can assure you — that getting through a game giving up only one touchdown — an 81-yard punt return — is regarded as a sign of progress. Sayeth Special Teams Coach Keith Burns:

“[Sunday] was a step in the right direction. Did we play a perfect game? No. But we’re still in search for just that.”

Sayeth head coach Mike Shanahan:

“We improved drastically. Even though it didn’t sound like it because of the punt return for a touchdown. … You could see the sense of urgency. Not that we can’t get better.”

Burns goes into the special teams at some length to John Keim of ESPN. Read for yourself, but it sounds mostly like a bunch of lame excuses to me.

DE Stephen Bowen suffered a PCL tear in his knee on Sunday, but it isn’t known if he will miss time or, if so, how much. Bowen suffered the same  injury in a different knee last year and played through it. He had this to say on Twitter:

The NFL suspended Redskins SS Brandon Meriweather for two games as a repeat offender in the cheap shot club. Meriweather’s latest offenses are two illegal knocks to the heads of Bears wideouts Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffrey. I think Meriweather is a disgrace and called upon the Redskins to release him here and here. They won’t do that. Meriweather might appeal the suspension.

From O.J. Atogwe to Tanard Jackson to Madieu Williams, John Keim runs down Washington’s failure to fix the safety position. It isn’t pretty.

The Redskins go to Denver on Sunday to play the 6-1 Broncos, who will be hopping mad after suffering their first loss of the season last Sunday night to the Colts. The Broncos will have super pass-rusher Von Miller, but it appears they will not have CB Champ Bailey, the future Hall of Famer who was drafted 7th overall by the Redskins back in 1999. Bailey has been nursing a foot injury all season and the early word is that it will not have healed properly in time for the Redskins game.

The Redskins averaged 11.5 yards per play in the no-huddle “turbo” offense against the Bears so Rich Tandler asked Mike Shanahan if they would continue to use it.

“Our football team is in pretty good shape. We’ve got a fast and quick football team and it helps us when we do kind of change the tempo of the game. We might try to tire out the defense or we may call plays at the line of scrimmage. Just because you hurry up to the line of scrimmage doesn’t always make it a hurry-up offense. A lot of people huddle on the line of scrimmage and they take their time and call out audibles and check defenses out. Other teams will try to go a little bit quicker. We’ll change it up there, but it is a high-tempo offense for us and we do it to keep defenses a little bit off-balance and fortunately it has worked.”

The Redskins ran 13 of their 73 offensive snaps against Chicago out of the “turbo” offense.