Redskins Roundup: The Will to Win

Updated: August 12, 2013
Shanny with kneeling players

Although the Redskins don’t break camp until Friday, today is the last day where they will be running on a training camp schedule. Next week the Skins will be back in Ashburn.

Robert Griffin III will have a press conference today. Expect most of it to focus on when he will start working with the starting unit and doing proper 11-on-11 drills. Head Coach Mike Shanahan has been very cagey about his immediate plans for Griffin, but we’ll have to get some news soon.

However, it is expected that Griffin will begin 11-on-11 drills very soon, perhaps as soon as tomorrow, Tuesday. Monday is supposed to be another day of scaled-back activity for Griffin, who is publicly itching for more freedom to practice normally and with the starters.

An ESPN documentary about Robert Griffin III‘s offseason, entitled RG3: “The Will to Win” will air August 27 at 7 PM. RG3 got executive producer credits ’cause he filmed himself.

In today’s to story, Jason Reid writes that Kirk Cousins is looking better and better as a starting QB even though he’ll be a backup QB on September 9 if all goes according to plan. After carving up the Redskins defense in training camp, Cousins carved up the Titans defense last Thursday night.

Both assertive and efficient during training camp, Cousins has excelled in his temp job. It’s easy to understand why Coach Mike Shanahan and his son, Kyle, the Redskins’ creative offensive coordinator, smile so much after watching Cousins bring their X’s-and-O’s vision to life. Of course, a lot of players excel in practice and then struggle during games. As it turned out, though, Cousins was even better against a defense that doesn’t wear Redskins colors.

Redskins CB David Amerson, who has looked good in training camp and the first preseason game, and his older brother Noah have a close relationship, but have taken very different paths in their lives. David, the younger brother, made the right choices and is now a Washington Redskin. Noah made the wrong choices, spent 16 months in prison and saw a promising athletic career destroyed. The Post has the story.

NT Barry Cofield says the entire defense will be better for the return of OLB Brian Orakpo. He’s got a point. The defensive line had 18 sacks in 2011 when Orakpo played 16 games. The defensive line, missing DE Adam Carriker, managed only 3.5 sacks in 2012. That’s a huge difference.

David Elfin has a fascinating look at some Redskins history. Twenty years ago, LT Jim Lachey, as fine a left tackle as there was in the NFL at that time, blew out his knee on the first drive of the 1993 preseason. His season was over and, in retrospect, it looks like a metaphor not only for the horrible 1993 season, but for the next 20 years of dismal Redskins futility.

A bunch of Redskins players went to the cinema on Friday to watch an upcoming Mark Wahlberg movie. Click here if you care.