Redskins Roundup: The lion is off the chain

Updated: August 23, 2013

Big news at Redskins Park yesterday was ILB London Fletcher‘s announcement that he suffered a concussion last year, one that was not disclosed at the time. Head coach Mike Shanahan addressed the issue with reporters.

“I recall with London it was more of a balance issue. He wasn’t really sure exactly what it was. He got a lot of tests. I know he got a lot of tests and at the end of the day, I think it was a different experience for him because he is old school. He hasn’t had very many injuries that would set him back, and to have an injury like that where you’re not really sure what it is, something you haven’t experienced, I think it was really tough on him. He did everything he could to get the proper attention, but I think it was tough on him for a while because he wasn’t really sure what it was.”

Shanahan says it is vitally important that players tell the coaches and medical staff if they believe they’ve been injured, particularly if it involves a head injury.

“It’s much different now in comparison to what it was… I remember a number of quarterbacks come to the sideline and you knew there was something wrong. They’d give him the old one-two-three finger test and they’d go back out there. Times have changed. The education has changed for the right reasons. And so if anybody experiences something like that, we have a procedure to go through and hopefully it’ll help these guys in the future.”

Zac Boyer has a good story on this subject.

On the preseason game Saturday night at home against the Buffalo Bills. The Redskins will play their starters only about 20 plays or so. In other words, most starters should be out of the game well before halftime. And most of them will play even less or not at all in the fourth preseason game.

One player who has not played yet in the preseason, but should get some run tomorrow night is ILB Nick Barnett, the free agent brought in to back up Fletcher and Perry Riley. Barnett welcomed this news with the best quote of the year so far:

“If they let the lion off the chain, then I’ll be out there roaming the jungle,” he said before Wednesday’s practice.


Mike Shanahan says Kirk Cousins, who injured his foot in the second quarter of the 24-13 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers on Monday night, is a “longshot” to participate in the team’s third preseason game against the Buffalo Bills and that backups Rex Grossman and Pat White will split the reps “50/50″ in the very likely event Cousins does not play. Robert Griffin III, of course, will not play in any game until the season opener on September 9, at the earliest.

RG3 got fined $10,000 by the No Fun League.

In more important news, Griffin has had a couple of very good practices in a row.

“He’s looked healthy to me,” Washington Redskins offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan said. “There is a little more he’s got to react to and stuff, but he’s been fine out there. You obviously don’t see anything wrong with the knee. If you did, if you saw limps and stuff, he wouldn’t be out there. So he looks good. The more reps he gets, the better he gets.”

And Kyle’s father Mike said:

“It has been a full practice for him,” the coach told reporters Thursday. “We’ve had a chance to go against [scout team]. We’ve had a chance to go against our defense. So he’s had two excellent days, same thing he would have during the regular season.”

In the secondary, we have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that CB Josh Wilson is healthy and will start against Buffalo tomorrow. The bad news is that SS Brandon Meriweather will not. In fact, not only is Meriweather out for Saturday night, the team doesn’t know when he’ll be able to play. Said Mike Shanahan:

“I just felt it’s a little early right now, watching him in practice. I think he’s close, but he’s not there yet. He might be ready for [Week 1], he might not.”

Sticking the the secondary, the generally very upbeat Jim Haslett is admitting the obvious: rookie safety Bacarri Rambo is not a good tackler right now. [I've written about that here and here.]

“The tackling is a concern,” Redskins defensive coordinator Jim Haslett said. “It’s not the will to tackle, it’s the angles that he’s got to come at. When he gets in line, he had a couple of bad angles, but he can correct that because it’s not that he doesn’t want to tackle.” …

Haslett said it’s not just because Rambo is a rookie.

“There’s some guys that are just good tacklers,” Haslett said. “They get them down. They take angles and they do a great job. That’s something he needs to work at. He’s got great ball skills and range and all that other stuff. This is one area that is a concern and he understands that and he’ll get better at it.

“He’s up in the fray of things … he’s got to understand that we don’t care how he gets them down, he’s just got to get them down.”

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