Redskins Roundup: Take Some Responsibility, Son!

Updated: November 20, 2013
RG3 throwback

Your Redskins Stat of the Day concerns the red zone offense. For once it isn’t completely depressing.

The Redskins take a tumble down The World’s Most Prestigious Power Poll. Here is how they did on other NFL power polls.

WR Santana Moss tells QB Robert Griffin to step up and take some responsibility for the team’s problems.

John Keim has more on Moss’ comments and the relationship between Griffin and the rest of the team:

But this still comes across as a relationship where both sides jockey for positioning. Shanahan is the coach and team president so he has power; Griffin is the face and future of the franchise so that gives him some as well. It’s not the first time a coach and quarterback have wrestled for power and it’s not the first time — far, far from it — where the two sides aren’t bosom buddies; but it’s not always played out with this much parsing of words and phrases. Griffin also is dealing with true adversity — with people questioning his performance and future — for the first time in his football career. The honeymoon period in Washington, with the fans as well, is over. It can lead to missteps (though behind closed doors players still talk about how he works and his approach; that matters a ton and, in the end, players want to see how you respond to adversity).

Some things are better left unsaid, or at least said in meeting rooms. When you’re 3-7 and coaching jobs and reputations are on the line, there are places you don’t need to go.

Speaking of which, Mark Bullock does a great job explaining, with words and photos, where and how RG3 made mistakes against Philly.

And John Keim breaks down the film, finding a number of areas where Griffin can improve, including this one:

At times Griffin starts to rely on his legs a lot like last season, pulling the ball down and running early. Griffin had a nice gain of 14 yards from deep in his own territory on the second drive. But here’s the thing: He had Garcon open on a dig route off a zone-read play-action fake. Yes, on first down. Griffin even had a clear throwing lane, but pulled the ball down and ran. Later in the game he had a chance to let Jordan Reed run with the ball, but instead opted to tuck it 7 yards deep and run himself. Good motto: Feed the big fellas who can break tackles.

WR Joshua Morgan and TE Fred Davis were both healthy inactives last Sunday. Davis has been a healthy inactive for half the season. That may change, though, with Leonard Hankerson’s LCL/knee injury and Jordan Reed‘s concussion.

Mike Shanahan isn’t sure if WR Nick Williams will continue as the team’s punt returner.

All time Redskins great Gary Clark talks about what being a Redskin meant to him.

DE Adam Carriker remains on the PUP list.

Rich Tandler gives us a quick and early look at Washington’s next opponent, the San Francisco 49ers.