Redskins Roundup: Shanny pleads his case

Updated: November 19, 2013
RG3 & Shanny

I was a guest on NewsTalk with Bruce DePuyt to discuss the latest Redskins debacle. Have a look.

Tom Blaz looks at the state of the Redskins and writes: “Bring back Norv!” He’s just kidding. Sorta.

Your Redskins Stat of the Day is about the defense. It’s informative, but it isn’t pretty. Have a look.

The week 13 Redskins – Giants game scheduled Sunday night [December 1] football will not be flexed out to Sunday afternoon. I can’t imagine why. What has America done to deserve a Redskins – Giants game on national TV?

Rick Snider writes the Redskins have almost nothing worth keeping for 2014. Seems like he’s including Head Coach Mike Shanahan in that.

Mike Shanahan defended the direction he’s taken the franchise since he took over in 2010:

“You have to take a look at a number of things,” Shanahan said. “Take a look at the direction of a team. Take a look at the offensive numbers [in 2012 and ‘13]. That just doesn’t happen naturally with a lot of new players. The numbers we’re putting up are pretty impressive, especially with losing the $36-million salary cap over those two years. You don’t have the type of depth, but you’re able to put a solid team together. In the future it will get better. We have the ability to get more depth. We’ll get the ability to add some players on both sides of the ball. That gives you a chance to get better.”

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Mike Shanahan explained Robert Griffin‘s passing troubles thusly:

“Our first year everyone played us with eight-man fronts, sometimes almost nine-man fronts,” Shanahan said. “When you do that you have guys wide open like we did last year. That’s one reason the play-action was so good. This year [teams are saying], ‘We’re playing you more passing and you have to earn the right in that run game.’ Which we’ve been able to do. You’re not always going to get that deep ball so you have to dump it off and be patient. That’s part of the NFL. No matter what quarterback you’re going against, no matter what system you go against, you have to relate or adjust your game plan accordingly. That’s one of the reasons we ran the ball so much against a team that was very good at stopping the run.”

Shanahan also said Griffin’s drop-back passing will take time to develop.

Mike Shanahan says he never considered benching RG3. That’s good because this Kirk Cousins nonsense has got to stop. Also makes sense for Shanny, since there’s virtually no chance he returns as coach without the support of his QB.

The Joshua Morgan drama continues. I have no patience for it. He’s a $6 million man who does nothing.

Speaking of Morgan, he may get another chance to play whether the coach likes it or not. Looks like WR Leonard Hankerson has a serious knee injury, a tear of his LCL. It’s isn’t yet known if it will require surgery, which would end Hankerson’s season — his rookie season also ended due to knee surgery. In any case, Hankerson won’t be playing any time soon so Morgan may, believe it or not, get back into the starting lineup.

The NFL is investigating whether referee Roy Ellison verbally abused Redskins LT Trent Williams during last Sunday’s game.