Redskins Roundup: Don’t Fall Asleep During Meetings

Updated: November 1, 2013


Want an early look at the upcoming game against the San Diego Chargers? Have a look at our preview of the game.

Former Redskin DT Albert Haynesworth and current head coach Mike Shanahan have been taking some shots at each other. Catch up on the latest.

How far in the rankings did the Redskins drop in the latest edition of The World’s Most Prestigious Power Poll? Read and find out.

We may now have a pretty good handle on why TE Fred Davis is in the doghouse:

“I’ve never slept through a whole meeting but I’ve nodded off,” Davis said. “Everyone nods off. It’s dark in there. You’re watching film. You nod off. You wake up, get something to drink, go back. I’ve done that. I think everybody’s done that.”

WR Pierre Garcon [calf] practiced fully on Thursday. No word on when DB Jose Gumbs [left ankle] will do the same.

Offensive Coordinator Kyle Shanahan grudgingly admits maybe the Redskins should have run the ball more against Denver. Awfully big of you, Kyle.

The Post has a story on the Redskins running game. Although the team is running it well, it’s not running it as well as last year and it isn’t running it as often as last year. My view is that the team isn’t running as often, in part, because of mistakes by Kyle Shanahan, but mostly because the offense has been so badly outscored in the first half of many games and running the ball isn’t a realistic option in the second half. As for how well the Redskins are running the ball, they’re doing just fine with their running backs. Roy Helu is rejuvenated and has scored four TD. Alfred Morris leads all NFL backs with a 5.3 yards per carry average. The problem is that QB Robert Griffin III has had only one truly good game running the ball this season [against Chicago], compared to many, many good games running the ball last year.

Defensive Coordinator Jim Haslett was asked if DeAngelo Hall cover Chargers TE Antonio Gates on Sunday?

His answer was somewhat coy. “Well, we usually don’t match a corner on a tight end, but he has the ability to do almost anything,” he said. “We’ve put him on, obviously, big receivers.” At 6-4, Gates certainly qualities as a “big” receiver and he is a much bigger receiving threat than any Chargers wide receiver. Keep an eye out there.

Speaking of Hall, John Keim had a Q&A with the Redskins cornerback. Read it.

On the subject of Redskins defensive backs, rookie safety Bacarri Rambo started the first two games, played horribly and then sat inactive for the next three games. He finally got some more action last week, thanks to an injury to safety Reed Doughty and the suspension of safety Brandon Meriweather. He played pretty well.

Rambo did not start, but entered when Jose Gumbs hurt his ankle.

“You can see he got his confidence back,” defensive coordinator Jim Haslett said of Rambo.

During his benching, Rambo said he didn’t watch more film. But he studied it better. He also paid more attention to tip sheets provided to him by secondary coach Raheem Morris, a basic scouting report.

The result: Rambo played with more urgency.

“I felt more prepared,” he said. “I felt my keys led me to the ball. If I have a tight end, I watch the tight end. He blocks, and I come down and try to help in run support.”

What this means for him going forward remains uncertain. But Rambo at least showed Sunday that he could help. It’s a start.

The Redskins installed some Arena Football League uprights at Redskins Park. Those uprights are narrower and PK Kai Forbath requested them to help him focus on accuracy.