Redskins Report Card: Week 6

Updated: October 14, 2013
Report Card

QUARTERBACK – GRADE: C-. Robert Griffin III had 77 yards rushing & another 30 yards in penalties on those runs, but he was inaccurate, left a lot of yards on the field and seemed flustered by the pass rush.

OFFENSE – GRADE: C-. RG3‘s uneven performance, combined with wideouts who didn’t get open and an offensive line that didn’t block well

DEFENSE – GRADE: A-. Apart from Dallas’ opening drive, the defense shut down the Cowboys’ vaunted attack, stuffing the run and blanketing the receivers.

SPECIAL TEAMS – GRADE: F. A complete meltdown of penalties & mistakes gave Dallas 14 points for free.

COACHING – GRADE: D. Poor clock management, incompetent special teams and second half offensive play-calling that didn’t build on first half successes.

TEAM GRADE: C-. Every week bad NFL teams win the stats battle, but lose the game due to stupid mistakes. That’s what the Skins did and that’s why they’re a bad team.

BEST STAT – 48 yards rushing for the Cowboys [2.5 yards per carry].

WORST STAT – Redskins were 0-3 on scoring TDs in the red zone.

BEST DECISION – Throwing early and often to TE Jordan Reed in the first half. The Skins targeted Reed 4 times in the first half & he gave them 4 catches, 58 yards & 3 first downs.

WORST DECISION – Ignoring TE Jordan Reed in the second half. The Skins didn’t throw to Reed again until the final drive of the game.

WHAT THE HELL? – Clock management at the end of the first half and in the 4th quarter was terrible.

HERO- CB DeAngelo Hall, for his fantastic coverage — once again — on WR Dez Bryant [5 catches, 36 yards]

GOATSpecial Teams Coach Keith Burns, for obvious reasons.