Redskins Quarterly Report Cards: Rookie Class

Updated: October 13, 2013
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David Amerson2nd Round – CB David Amerson: He has played far more than any other Redskins rookie this season and has come in for a ton of criticism, but the truth is he’s been about as good as veteran starters DeAngelo Hall and better than Chris Wilson. Amerson has only had one bad game — against the Packers — but it was a doozy. Apart from committing a pass interference penalty, Amerson also missed two tackles because he took bad angles and was consistently fooled on double moves and pump fakes. It was a big fall for Amerson, who actually outplayed everyone else in the secondary in the opening week against the Eagles. Amerson was decent against the Lions and against the Raiders he had zero penalties and missed tackles, but did intercept one pass and return it for a touchdown to give the Redskins a boost after they fell behind 14-0 in the first half. GRADE: C

Jordan Reed3rd Round – TE Jordan Reed: He’s played about 130 fewer snaps than Amerson has, but Reed has made his mark and if he can stay healthy is pretty close to taking the starting tight end job from Fred Davis. The rookie leads the tight end position with 13 catches and 15 targets on only 84 snaps, and he’s scored a touchdown. However, he’s averaging just over eight yards per catch, which isn’t good enough. Reed is a superior athlete who seems to get open almost whenever he wants it and has the ability to make big things happen after the catch. Getting Reed into space and making him a bigger part of the offense needs to be a priority for the coaching staff. GRADE: B

4th Round – S Phillip Thomas: Injured Reserve. GRADE: Incomplete

5th Round – OLB Brandon Jenkins: He done little despite having very good preseason performances. In 16 plays Jenkins has done nothing but commit a penalty. He has no other statistics to speak of. GRADE: D

5th Round – RB/RS Chris Thompson: Rookie RB Chris Thompson has actually improved slightly every week with his kick returns, but he started off from such a low place, the opening night loss to Philadelphia, that his improvements have not been enough. He’s not breaking plays or breaking tackles. Too often he goes down to the first guy who touches him and we haven’t see the speed or elusiveness that was there in the preseason. He’s averaging only 20 yards per return, one of the worst in the NFL, so WR Joshua Morgan has replaced him, but done little better. Thompson has fielded punts inside the 10 and even the 5-yard line, almost cardinal sins for a punt returner. Additionally, Thompson is averaging only 5.1 yards per return, which is lousy. His longest return out of 7 returns, is only 11 yards. He’s only called a fair catch once, which is a bright spot. GRADE: D-

6th Round – S Bacarri Rambo: He was thought to be unprepared for the big time and he demonstrated that with two truly horrific performances to start the season before being sent to the bench. Rambo hasn’t played a down from scrimmage the last two weeks. Rambo’s NFL career got off to a bad start against Philly, when he missed two tackles and was consistently out of position on other plays. It wasn’t Rambo’s pass defense that hurt the team in week one, it was his dreadful run support, where he seemed entirely unaware of what he was supposed to be doing. [To be fair, London Fletcher was even worse and he, presumably, did know what he was doing.] Against Green Bay, Rambo’s run defense improved, but still wasn’t very good. However, his pass defense fell off terribly. Nobody defended the pass well against the Packers, but Rambo actually allowed Rodgers to have a perfect 158.3 passer rating when throwing to his direction. All five passes thrown against Rambo were completed and one went for a touchdown. Rambo also missed two more tackles and Defensive Coordinator Jim Haslett had seen enough. Rambo has been benched ever since and we don’t know when we’ll see him next. GRADE: F

7th Round – RB Jawan Jamison: Practice squad. GRADE: Incomplete


LB William Compton: Practice squad.

LB Jeremy Kimbrough: Injured Reserve.

OL Tevita Stevens: Practice squad.

WR Nick Williams: Practice squad. Maybe Nick Williams should get a look on the active roster since it isn’t clear what, if anything, Aldrick Robinson is adding to the offense and Williams also showed a knack on special teams as a punt returner.