Redskins deny connection to “Bravehearts” name

Updated: October 25, 2013
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Hollywood gossip site TMZ got a bit of sports attention today when they reported that a neighbor of Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder trademarked the name Bravehearts for the purposes of entertainment and football. The site speculated that perhaps Snyder’s neighbor, wealthy patent investor Aris Mardirossian, had done this on behalf of Snyder so it would not attract attention [fail!] and that perhaps Snyder was preparing to change the name of the team.

However, the team shot down that rumor/speculation:

“There is no connection between the trademark and the Washington Redskins,” the team said.  ”Dan Snyder does not know the man that was reported in the story.”

That sounds right to me. I don’t think Dan Snyder is anywhere close to conceding defeat on the team name issue. Far from it, actually. And has for the name Bravehearts… What a Scottish nationalist has to do with Washington football I cannot imagine.