Redskins & DeAngelo Hall Agree on a Contract

Updated: February 18, 2014
DeAngelo Hall

The Washington Redskins and free agent CB DeAngelo Hall have a deal.

This is Hall’s fourth big contract since entering the NFL and a big raise over what he made in 2013 — about one million dollars.

The devil will be in the details. For example, how much of this $20 million deal is guaranteed? The Redskins got a very good year from Hall in 2013 — his best in some time — and that might have been because he was working on a one-year deal and desperate for another payday. Will he continue to play hard and well now that he has a bit of security? Well, we will find out how much security he really has. Also, Hall is 30 and probably doesn’t have many good years left.

To be fair to Hall, though, he had a big 2013, with four interceptions, three forced fumbles and three touchdowns. People who point out that he’s not a lockdown cornerback are missing the point. There are very, very few lockdown cornerbacks in the NFL. In fact, you can count them on one hand. What Hall does — or, at least, what he did in 2013 — was create big plays. And creating big plays — turnovers, sacks, touchdowns — is all the rage for defenses in the NFL these days.

The truth is, signing another cornerback to replace Hall would have been more expensive, lessing Washington’s ability to re-sign its own free agents and make a bit of splash with other players. Hall will start declining in a few years, but he’s a smart guy [yes, he is] and is a harder worker than many give him credit for so I have little doubt Hall could make the move to free safety in a year or two if the team needs him to do that. And even if Hall is soon moved to nickel cornerback, this is still a decent deal for that role.

The Redskins will now turn to re-signing — or trying to — OLB Brian Orakpo and ILB Perry Riley.