Predicting the Redskins in 2013

Updated: September 9, 2013
Redskins helmet in hands
Every year around this time we like to preview the upcoming NFL season with some predictions for our hometown team, the Washington Redskins. I think the rest of this explains itself. Enjoy.
Offensive MVP
Tom Threlkeld: Robert Griffin III
Mark Buterbaugh: Pierre Garcon
Tom Blaz: Alfred Morris is the Redskins offensive MVP in 2013 as he has to carry a much larger load in the running game
Defensive MVP
Tom Threlkeld: Brian Orakpo
Mark Buterbaugh: Ryan Kerrigan
Tom Blaz: Ryan Kerrigan is the Redskins defensive MVP in 2013 as he benefits greatly from the return of Brian Orakpo on the opposite side
Rookie of the Year
Tom Threlkeld: David Amerson
Mark Buterbaugh: David Amerson
Tom Blaz: David Amerson becomes a full time starter at CB and has many teams wishing they had drafted him in the first round
Will RG3 Be As Good, Better or Worse than 2012?
Tom Threlkeld: Better. He will still create first downs with his running, but his passing will improve greatly
Mark Buterbaugh: Better because of his passing
Tom Blaz: RG3 will become a better player this season, but his rushing attempts will be reduced to avoid injury
Will Alfred Morris rush for 1600 yards again?
Tom Threlkeld:
Mark Buterbaugh: No, he will run for less because of Roy Helu
Tom Blaz: Morris will not repeat his lofty rushing total in ’13, attempts will increase, but lack of RG3 threat makes it tougher
Will Pierre Garcon reach 1000 receiving yards? 
Tom Threlkeld: Yes
Mark Buterbaugh: Yes
Tom Blaz: Garcon will stay healthy this season and will top 1200 yards
Wideout not named Pierre who will help the most in 2013?
Tom Threlkeld: Josh Morgan
Mark Buterbaugh: Leonard Hankerson
Tom Blaz: Leonard Hankerson takes a huge step and becomes a primary target after the bye week
Will Fred Davis reach 1000 receiving yards?
Tom Threlkeld: No, but he will get close
Mark Buterbaugh: No
Tom Blaz: No, Davis will remain a favorite target of RG3, but recovering from injury will total only 800 yards
Who will lead the team in sacks?
Tom Threlkeld: Brian Orakpo
Mark Buterbaugh: Ryan Kerrigan
Tom Blaz: Ryan Kerrigan will edge Brian Orakpo for the sack lead, but they will combine to lead the NFL in linebacker tandem sacks
Who plays better, Bacarri Rambo or David Amerson?
Tom Threlkeld: Amerson will play a bit better than Rambo, but both will play fairly well
Mark Buterbaugh: David Amerson
Tom Blaz: Amerson is easily the best rookie in ’13, while Rambo struggles and the Skins look at safety in ’14 draft
Does London Fletcher’s consecutive game streak end this season?
Tom Threlkeld: No
Mark Buterbaugh: No
Tom Blaz: Yes, after injury concerns in the off season , London Fletcher’s streak ends in November
Which missing player will hurt the most in 2013?
Tom Threlkeld: Lorenzo Alexander
Mark Buterbaugh: Phillip Thomas
Tom Blaz: The loss of Carriker hurts the most, especially with the early suspensions for Jackson and Jenkins
Final Record & Place in the Division
Tom Threlkeld: 10-6, first place in the NFC East
Mark Buterbaugh: 11-5, first place in the NFC East
Tom Blaz: 11-5 is the 2013 record and repeat NFC East Champions
Playoffs or Not?
Tom Threlkeld: Yes
Mark Buterbaugh: Yes, playoffs
Tom Blaz: The Redskins will gain host a game during wild card weekend
How Deep in the Playoffs?
Tom Threlkeld: Second round
Mark Buterbaugh: Second round
Tom Blaz: The Redskins will win both the wild card game and divisional game, but will fall to San Francisco in the NFC championship game