Nats Minor League Stats Leaders (as of 8/30)

Updated: August 30, 2013

Here are the current statistical leaders for the Washington Nati0nals minor league system.  With the system season wrapping up, this will give you the indicator of prospects to watch next season.  Before we get to the system stats leaders, here are a few system transactions.

2013 draft pick Issac Ballou was promoted from Auburn to Hagerstown.   Ballou batted .294 with 14 doubles, a triple, and 2 home runs in 59 games at Auburn.  he also added 33 runs scored and 20 RBI with a .405 on base percentage.  C Craig Manuel, a 2012 draft choice, was promoted to Potomac from Hagerstown.  That moves makes room for 2013 draft pick C Geoffrey Perott, who just signed, and was assigned to Hagerstown.  At Hagerstown, Manuel batted .273 with 25 runs and 25 RBI.

On to the leaders . . .  (* indicates a change in overall leader since our last update in July)


DOUBLES:  Tony Renda (A) 42, Michael Taylor  (A) 37, Zack Walters (AAA) 32, Brandon Miller (A) 31, Adrian Neito (A) 29

TRIPLES: Brian Goodwin (AA) 11, Billy Burns (AA) 9

HOME RUNS: Zack Walters (AAA) 29, Brandon Miller (A) 19, Corey Brown (AAA) 19

RUNS SCORED: Tony Renda (A) 97, Billy Burns (A) 93, Brian Goodwin (AA) 79, Caleb Ramsey (A) 76, Michael Taylor (A) 72, Brandon Miller (A) 71

STOLE BASES: Billy Burns (A) 69, Michael Taylor (A) 45, Jeff Kobernus (AAA) 39, Tony Renda (A) 29, Estarlin Martinez (A) 20

RUNS BATTED IN: Brandon Miller (A) 86, Michael Taylor (A) 82, Zack Walters (AAA) 77, Jason Martinson (AA) 70, Justin Bloxom (AA) 67

BATTING AVERAGE:  * Randy Encarnacion (GCL) .349, Rafael Bautista (GCL) .322, Billy Burns (AA) .320, Jeff Kobernus (AAA) .317, Eury Perez (AAA) .302, Shawn Pleffner (A) .296

SLUGGING PERCENTAGE:  * Steve Souza (AA) .537, Zack Walters (AAA) .529, Corey Brown (AAA) .477

ON BASE PERCENTAGE:  * Randy Encarnacion (GCL) .437, Billy Burns (A) .426, Cutter Dykstra (AA) .416, Drew ward (GCL) .402, Rafael Bautista (GCL) .400, Shawn Pleffner (A) .390


WINS: Blake Schwartz (A) 13, Caleb Clay (AAA) 11, Robbie Ray (AA), AJ Cole (AA) , Brett Mooneyham (A), and Pedro Encarnacion (A) 10

INNINGS: Tyler Hill (AA) 164.2, Caleb Clay (AAA) 152.1, Danny Rosenbaum (AAA) 151.1, Yunesky Maya (AAA) 146.1, Blake Schwartz (A) 141

STRIKEOUTS:  Robbie Ray (A), AJ Cole (AA) 151, Nathan Karns (AA) 148, Paul Demny (AA) 120, Caleb Clay (AAA) 108, Pedro Encarnacion (A) 105

ERA: * Jake Johansen (A) 1.72, Austin Voth (A) 1.75, Hector Silvestri (GCL) 1.82, Blake Schwartz (A) 2.43, Brett Mooneyham (A) 2.58, Tyler Hill (AA) 2.95, Caleb Clay (AAA) 3.01

BULLPEN WINS: Richie Mirkowski (AA) 9, Matt Grace (AA) 9, Tyler Herron (AA) 7, Michael Crotta (AAA) 6

SAVES: * Aaron Barrett (AA) 26, Robert Benincasa (A) 25, Erik Davis (AAA) 15

GAMES: Aaron Barrett (AA) 51, Michael Crotta (AAA) 50, Derek Self (A), Tyler Robertson (AAA) 46

BULLPEN STRIKEOUTS: Tyler Herron (AAA) 88, Richie Mirkowski (AA) 87, David Fischer (A) 81, Aaron Barrett (AA) 69, Robert Benincasa (A) 62

BULLPEN ERA: * Gilbert Mendez (A) 0.99, Wander Suero (GCL) 1.65, Chris Bates (A) 1.85, Richie Mirkoswki (AA) 1.90, Phillips Vadez (GCL) 1.95, Aaron Barrett (AA) 2.15, Matthew Derosier (A) 2.43