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MLB.comYour One-Stop Baseball News Source – Baseball is one of the most loved sports in America. Therefore, it’s no wonder that several standing news sources are still going strong to date. One of the most reliable sources with history is MLB, a website that basically provides every info possible about baseball!

• About MLB
Like the online games site IDN Poker becomes the source of information and games access for online games players around the world, is an information source for baseball, starting from the statistic, news, and columns. This website acts as the official Major League Baseball (shortened to MLB) site and works under Major League Baseball Advanced Media, L.P. The site itself was first registered in 1994 with as its domain name. However, the domain name changed as in September 2000 to avoid cybersquatting.

Besides news providing, also offers other services such as commercial streaming (in audio and video form) of all games within Major League Baseball. If you don’t want to pay, you can also get real-time score updates by choosing ‘gameday’. Another service offers is an online merchandise shop which includes auctions of memorabilia, fantasy baseball, and the option to buy tickets to the games online.

• What Can You Get From MLB
Now, you’ve heard of the website and its news. However, there are three other services you can get within the site, such as:

Remember about how you can pay for streaming on all games within the league? Well the service itself is actually called This service requires a subscription that is divided into two types: Basic and Premium. With the Basic plan, you can access HD audio and/or video recordings through your PC. However, the Premium plan allow users to access them and livestream through PC and smartphone.

– At-Bat
If you are planning to get Premium subscription, then it’s better to download the app At-Bat first. This free app works on multiple platforms (iOS, Android, Blackberry, and webOS) and some of its features can be accessed for free. However, if you want to unlock every feature, you have to subscribe to’s Premium plan.

– Fantasy Baseball
Not satisfied with the game you just watch? Well, you can orchestrate one of your own using simulation games provided by Try searching for ‘Beat the Streak’, for example, to try playing the game.

Since it was first registered in 1994, MLB is still loyal to baseball and baseball fans. Any fan, young or old, can visit their websites and get free information regarding news, scores, statistics, or even columns. Besides the information source, MLB also offers other things to enjoy such as streaming service, phone application, and even games!

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