Mike Shanahan Tuesday Afternoon Press Conference

Updated: November 26, 2013
Shanny at presser

Washington Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan came into the team’s press room shortly after 3 PM today, briefly commented on how there was no heat in the room and then settled down behind the lectern to take questions.

On team’s offensive struggles last night

“A lot of three-and-outs… Had to settle for field goals”.

“Couldn’t get a whole lot done [in the second half].”

Shanny said penalties in the second half hurt and going 0-6 on third downs was critical.

Blamed the dead ball timeout with 41 seconds left in first half on a lineman who was unsure of the play.

On why Fred Davis didn’t play much

Shanny refused to go into why Davis played so little or comment on whether or not Davis missed meetings. Despite repeated questions, Shanahan refused to go into detail, but did say: ”One thing we want is people that are accountable”.

On injuries to Bowen, Reed & Young

DE Stephen Bowen missed last night’s game due to a knee injury suffered against Philadelphia. The news is bad and Shanny says Bowen is going to have surgery “after Thanksgiving.” It’s a “possible microfracture surgery” and he will be out for the season and a possible six months recovery. “It’s a blow to your football team…It’s the next guy up. … Stephen means a lot to the football team.”

Jordan Reed felt much better today. Shanahan seemed encouraged by Reed’s progress recovering from a concussion suffered against the Eagles.

Darrel Young suffered a hamstring injury in practice, but Shanny said “DY was working out on the treadmill, which is a good sign.”

On trouble on the offensive line

Shanahan acknowledged the offensive line had protection problems last night and said of All Pro LT Trent Williams: “Trent had a tough game, didn’t have one of his better games yesterday.” It “wasn’t one of our better games [on the offensive line].” However, Shanahan gave a lot of credit to the 49ers defense and Aldon Smith, in particular, who repeatedly got the better of Williams.

On the development of Robert Griffin

Shanahan defended Griffin, saying the team will be patient with him and that he is showing constant improvement.

“The drop back passing game takes time, it doesn’t happen overnight.”

On refusing to bench RG3: “The growth of a quarterback is a maturation process. You need those repetitions… He hasn’t had a lot of these repetitions in college… It’s a growing period… Hall of Fame quarterbacks have had much tougher years than we’ve had so far… You just have to be patient.”


Shanny shrugged off the need to play well on national TV: “We need to play well to play well” not to impress a national audience.

Declined to go into what the team needs to do to improve for next season, saying during the season he prefers to focus on the next opponent, the New York Giants.

On the state of the team, Shanahan said “I don’t need to go through any stats.” Skins need “a little more depth.”

“I think the players are smart enough to understand that if you are 3-8 everybody’s playing for their jobs.”

Says teams quit when “players stop playing hard.” Says he has not seen that on this team.

On playing younger guys like OG Adam Gettis: “We’re not going to experiment with guys.” Says players need to look good against the first team defense in order to break into the starting lineup and get more playing time.