Learn Football Tactics The Simple Way in The False 9

Learn Football Tactics The Simple Way in The False 9 – Are you new in the football world and don’t know where to start looking? Well, if that’s the case, go ahead and open The False 9. This website is a good source to learn football tactics the simple way, perfect for those who are not familiar with the sport yet. Besides that, there is football news for England and European leagues.

• Why The False 9?
The name ‘False 9’ is taken from a position within a football team with the same name. Sadly, the website itself is incomplete and has yet to put an explanation about the name. However, the false 9 as a football position itself is rather known as an unconventional striker.

Perhaps, the website was designed to be a unique information source for football fans like that has become source of information for all online gambling players around the world, different than others just like how the position false 9 is. The website is also known as L’Histoire.

• Football Tactics, Explained
Do you face any difficulty in learning football tactics? Don’t worry, The False 9 got you covered with their simplified explanation! This website especially created a category for football tactics alone. There, the contents include football tactics and formation strategies, written in such a way that even beginners can understand. They explained those topics starting from defining them, giving examples of professional teams that use them, how to make them work, and how to face the tactics or formation as the opposing team. If you want to know more, you can also find football book recommendations to read from another dedicated article for books within the website.

Learn Football Tactics The Simple Way in The False 9• Europe-centric News
Besides simplified football tactics, The False 9 also offers news for the European leagues (let’s pretend the UK is still a part of Europe.) The news are separated into two categories, one for England and the other for Europe – making the chore of following the news easier than ever. The contents themselves include articles that cover the latest news, transfer rumors (that are categorized with tiers depending on the source credibility), trolls, satires, and anything else football-related. These contents are arranged chronologically starting from the latest to the oldest.
Named after a football player position itself, The False 9 is a good source for both tactics and news that are up to date and easy to digest. The website is perfect for fans who are new with football or those who are looking for a news source limited to England and European football leagues.


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