Jim Haslett, Raheem Morris among coaches not fired . . . Yet

Updated: December 30, 2013

Washington Redskins Executive Vice President Bruce Allen said in the 2PM presser that a few assistant coaches would remain on staff, and their fates would be decided by the next head coach.  It appears the assistant coaches to stay are:

Defensive Coordinator Jim Haslett

Secondary Coach Raheem Morris

Defensive Line Coach Jacob Burney

Offensive Line Coach Chris Foerster

Offensive Line Assistant Chris Morgan

Tight Ends Coach Sean McVay

Again, it is important to note that these coaches were not dismissed today, but are not guaranteed any position with the new coaching staff.  Allen said today that the process to replace Mike Shanahan as head coach would begin this evening.   It is also important to note that these holdover coaches would provide valuable insight into the current roster for the new head coach.  Still, the chances of any hanging on withe the new head coach is pretty slim.  If any deserve a possible nod, perhaps, given the way the units played, McVay and Burney could be considered.