Garcon insists RG3 ‘not healthy’

Updated: September 23, 2013
Pierre Garcon

Last week, Redskins receiver Pierre Garcon went off the reservation in voicing his opinion that QB Robert Griffin III was not as effective because of the knee brace.  RG3 himself defended himself and said he was, and jovially challenged Garcon to a foot race.

One week later, one loss later, Garcon stays off the reservation by questioning his health.

“He’s not fully healthy, obviously,” said wideout Pierre Garcon. “He’s running more, but last year’s RG3 was a lot different from this year’s RG because of the knee (surgery).

“I don’t think he’s 100%. But he’s definitely giving 100% effort to get to 100%. He’ll eventually get there.”

If Garcon deserves criticism, it should be more directed at his willingness to speak out, not at the accuracy of his statements.  Sure, the Redskins would like us to believe that Robert Griffin is 100% healthy, good to go, good as new, etc . . .  The only problem is, and you can tell by watching the games, Garcon is correct.  RG3 is healthy enough to play.  No one argues that point.  However, RG3 is not as healthy as last season and the brace does limit planting and speed.   To deny that is to deny the obvious.