Drew Storen sent to the minors

Updated: July 27, 2013

Do you believe bad luck comes in three’s? Drew Storen may be a believer. The former Nationals closer came down with the flu, was knocked around by the New York Mets, then was sent down to Triple-A Syracuse… all in the same day.

The foundation of the Nationals was built in the 2009-2010 MLB drafts, Washington with a trio of first round selections in Stephen Strasburrg, Bryce Harper and Storen. Selected tenth overall in the ’09 draft, Storen was already pitching in the majors the following season. 2011 was a magical season for Storen with 43 saves, an ERA of 2,75 and a 1.02 WHIP. Drew averaged a strikeout per inning and was emerging as the top young closer in all of baseball.

Storen’s storybook success was short lived as he missed more than half of the 2012 season due to bone chips in his elbow. Storen’s best friend Tyler Clippard took over the duties until Drew returned and they shared the closer role, playing a large role in the Nationals winning the Eastern Division. Storen ended up “blowing” the save opportunity in deciding game five and Washington’s season came to an abrupt end.

In a stunning vote of no confidence, the Nationals signed veteran closer Rafael Soriano over the Winter. Nats management insisted the move had nothing to do with Storen’s post-season meltdown, but the damage was done… and getting worst. Storen has really struggled this season and a case can be made that he should have been sent to the minors long before this. Nats management may have been extra sensitive to Storen, given his fall from grace… but it’s too little… and certainly too late.

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