DC Pro Sports Weekly Stock Report (11/27)

Updated: November 27, 2013


Every week we bring you our DC Pro Sports stock report for the past week.  The Stock Up and Stock Down is mostly based on performance over the last week, but we will cite to overall season performance as well.  With the Washington Redskins, Washington Capitals, and Washington Wizards all in season, we are doing the DC Stock Report weekly, every Wednesday.

With that being said, overall, we need not remind you to the awful week for the Washington Redskins, as they humiliated themselves on Monday night football against teh SF 49ers in a 27-6 loss at FEDEX Field.  The Washington Capitals are in the midst of a three game losing streak, with an awful performance against arch-rival Pittsburgh in which they were out shot 40-18.  Despite a loss to Toronto, Washington was able to squeek out an ever important standing point.  Meanwhile, the Washington Wizards are playing good basketball and have won 4 of their last 5 and John Wall has caught red hot fire, being named NBA Player of the Week for the Eastern Conference.

Here is this week’s Stock Up and Stock Down.


Washington Redskins:

The Fans:  This is rather simple.  The only facet of the franchise that deserves a Stock Up is the Redskins fan base.  Not only did we have to sit through and weather the Redskins getting completely dominated and humiliated at home on national TV, but it was one of the worst performances by a Redskins team in a number of years.  I am hard pressed to find such a disgraceful performance even under Jim Zorn and Steve Spurrier.   RB Alfred Morris even admitted that the Redskins had a week of poor practicing.  Sounds like the roster has tuned out Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan.  They played like it to.  One player said in post-game comments that Redskins fans don’t deserve this.  He was right.  It has been twenty years of misery and Shanahan has not changed that course.    I suspect we won’t see much better, given this team has given every indication they have checked out on Shanahan.  So, of course, we the fans lose again.

Washington Capitals:

Alexander Ovechkin:  With the kind of season the Captain is having, we could just put a permanent weekly Stock Up slot for him.  Over the last two games, Ovechkin has three goals and has added 11 hits and 11 shots on goal.  He now has a league leading 20 goals on the season.  Over the past three games, the Caps are finding out though, they can’t just rely on the Captain.  Others have to perform.  As for Ovechkin, it was a good week.  Ovi even drew praise from the Canadian media.  That in itself is amazing.

John Carlson:  Carlson remains the Caps best blue liner.  Over the past week, Carlson added 2 assists, 2 hits, 3 blocked shots, and 10 shots on goal.  Now he needs to play better defense, along with the rest of the blue line.

Washington Wizards:

John Wall.  No brainer.  Wall was awarded the Eastern’s Conference NBA Player of the Week this past week, the first time he had done that since March 18, 2013.  Rightfully so.  Over the past three games, Wall has been on fire, the hottest player in the NBA.  Over the past three games, Wall has averaged 33 points per game and has shot 61.4% from the field.  He has also been effective from the foul line, hitting 26 of 30 free throws.  Wall has dominated the court and has helped lead a Wizards five game surge, in which they have won four of five.  Adding to the points, Wall has average 6 assists, over 2 steals, and 6 rebounds per game.  Right now, John Wall is the hottest player in Washington DC Pro Sports.

Martell Webster:  Along with John Wall, Martell Webster has helped the Washington Wizards storm out of last place in their division.  He has averaged 16 points per game the past three games and 19.5 points per game the past two games.  Over the three game span, Webster has grabbed 16 rebounds, 6 steals and added 11 assists.   With Bradley Beal sidelined for at least two weeks, Webster and Trevor Ariza will get quality time on the court.  With Beal out and Ariza returning to the other wing, Webster should get over 35-40 minutes on the court.    If you play fantasy basketball and Webster is on your bench or somehow still a free agent, get him and put him in your roster.


Redskins:  The entire team.  It was an awful performance and the comments coming out after the game were just as crappy.  The state of the franchise is poor.  They were humiliated on national TV on Monday night football in their own stadium home.  The crowds began dispersing in the third quarter.  Don’t blame them for being poor fans or fair weather fans.  Fans can only take so much, and on both sides of the ball, the Redskins were completely inept.  Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan even admitted that the Monday night performance and result was the worst of his tenure.  Combine that with Alfred Morris’ comments that the team had a crappy week of practice, it all adds up to a roster that has checked out on Mike Shanahan.  The roster is riddled with poor depth, a small offensive line that can’t effectively pass protect, and a defense that has the inability to initiate fundamental tackling.  Tony Kornheiser is right — there really is no silver lining, outside $45 million in free cap space.  However, even with that, past spending sprees have proven unsuccessful in DC over the past two decades.   This team is boring and painful to watch.  It will surely be an interesting off-season with $45 million in cap space and a possible leadership change on the horizon.  The off-season will surely be more interesting than the remainder of this season.  Then again, that has become ritual for Redskins fans.

You thought the Mike Shanahan Era would be different?  Think again.  Shanahan has compiled an unimpressive 24-35 record since arriving in Washington.  Mike Wise likes to pin the blame on Redskins owner Dan Snyder.  That’s fine.  But, this roster is not Dan Snyder’s.  This roster is not Vinny Cerrato’s.  This is Mike Shanahan’s roster.  Mike Shanahan is the head coach and Team President.  He built this and has been the real personnel GM behind the scenes.  If Dan Snyder is to own any blame it may very well be the fact that he hired a coach that already has a ring, a coach that was seeking to pad retirement funds, and a coach that demanded full control, without a separate front office making roster decisions.  That Dan Sndyer owns.  As for blaming the lack of success on the unfair salary cap penalty, well, that only bears small justification.  That cap penalty had little to do with the fact the Redskins are poorly coached.  The cap penalty has little to do with an offense, outside one fluke season, that is predictable.  The salary cap penalty has little to do with chronic poor time clock management.  The salary cap penalty has little to do with the building of a defense that is last in the NFL in tackling.  The salary cap penalty has little to do with the failure of Mike and Kyle Shanahan to adjust to adjustments made by  defenses in stopping the pistol offense.  The salary cap penalty has little to do with the offensive line that is small and built to the run game, but pretty horrible in pass protection.  Sure, the cap penalty hampered the Redskins.  However, to place the blame of complete ineptitude on defense and special teams and significant offensive regression is pretty damn far fetched.  The collapse has been too expansive.  If anything, looking at the first two years of the Shanahan Era, this season falls more in line with those years, and indicates that last year was nothing more than a fluke.  The fluke may very well have been based on an offense that the NFL was not yet prepared for.  Now, this season, NFL defenses have retooled to stop the pistol offenses, and Redskins coaching staff was ill-prepared to make adjustments.  That has little to do with the cap penalty.

Washington Capitals:

F  Martin Erat:  Erat has requested a trade from Washington.  He wants to play more, but his current level of play has not justified additional ice time.  Erat has appeared in 23 games for the Caps this season and has recorded just 6 assists.  Hardly impressive.  So a trade request was made.  Caps’s players quickly came to the defense of Erat, stating that they understood his desire to want to play. That’s fine.  However, given the fact that the trade request is the second one in six months (Erat requested a trade from Nashville last season, in which he was traded at the trade deadline Washington),  likely not making him a very attractive acquisition.  The value of Erat has dissipated not just by a second request in six months, but by lack of production.  Caps really are not in a great position here.

GM George McPhee.  McPhee pulled off a trade at the deadline that sent the Caps’ #2 prospect, Fillip Forsberg, to the Nashville Predators in exchange for Martin Erat and Michael Latta.  Erat was the key acquisition for Washington.  His tenure has been disappointing, as he has yielded just 6 assists in 23 games this season.  Some of that disappointment lies with Erat, some lies with the way he was handled by coach Adam Oates.  Erat has now requested a trade from Washington.  The often criticized deal by McPhee is now looking even worse.   In the end, the trade scenario is now coming to an end, just seven months after it began.   The concept around the trade justification was that Erat filled a need for the Caps at the time since the Caps lacked middle help and depth on the left wing. Erat was suppose to bolster top six and provide veteran presence.  The benefits of acquiring Erat never materialized, both from Erat’s production and from Oates’ use of Erat.  It was a mis-match call by McPhee.  Given the way Oates handled Erat’s playing time, there was little support for the notion that Erat was an integral part of the current team or the future.   The larger question was, did Oates ever really support the trade?

Washington Wizards

The Bench:  We might as well list them here on an ongoing basis until otherwise duly noted.  They stink.  The starters are playing over 35 minutes per game, some over 40 minutes, and they have to in order to stand chances to win ball games.  Over the past  three games, the bench has contributed a whopping 22 points.  Yes, that is combined.  That is an average of a little over 7 points off the bench per game.  That is absolutely pathetic.   So what is worse?  Wizards bench or Redskins defense?

Bradley Beal:  Just can’t stay healthy.