Darrell Green Wants To Help Run the Redskins

Updated: December 16, 2013
Darrell Green

After calling for Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan to get fired, former Washington Redskins CB Darrell Green [and NFL Hall of Famer] told SiriusXM NFL Radio that he’d like to have a shot at making some personnel decisions for the Washington Redskins.

He began this campaign with some savvy, if obvious, praise of Redskins owner Dan Snyder.

“People can only go down so far, particularly when you have a guy who was a self-made millionaire, billionaire in Dan Snyder. This guy is not about losing. He’s about winning, and it’s a matter of time. He’s going to get the formula in place with the right people, and this thing is going to come around.”

Actually, Dan Snyder is pretty much ONLY about losing — at least as far as the Redskins are concerned. But Green thinks he knows the answer to Washington’s problems — more Darrell Green!

Shoot, I wouldn’t even mind being a part of it myself, and I guess it’s because the last three games I’ve gone to. I hadn’t gone to three games since I retired, but I’ve gone to about three or four games this year, and it’s kind of gotten back in my blood, made me more disappointed but more excited about what could potentially be. I’ve got some opinions about what I see.”

Okay, he’s got opinions. Everyone’s got an opinion [or two or three] about the Redskins these days. What’s he want to do with these opinions?

“I’d like to be somewhere where some decision-making is taking place, primarily as it relates to personnel,” Green said. “You know, I could obviously always coach the secondary, but that would probably be my last choice. I don’t believe you need to bring these coaches who have been around forever and recycle them and give them $25, $30 million, and they come in here and just enjoy it and then fly off to retirement. I’m not against them personally, but I think there’s some young people out here — even some of our ex-players that are coaching — that can come in here, who won’t cost you $7 million, who will have the heartbeat of the team and of the city and have the passion and the leadership and the experience. And I’d like to be part of that. That would be fun, and then win a championship. That would be awesome.”

I agree that it would be awesome for the Redskins to win a championship. Seems pretty far off right now, though. And I agree that Snyder’s policy of chasing big-name coaches and giving them big-time paydays has failed. The most promising of those efforts was the first one — hiring Marty Schottenheimer — and Snyder deep-sixed it after one year because Martyball meant Snyder didn’t get to have any fun playing with his favorite and most expensive toy. It’s time for the Redskins to pair a head coach with a moderate salary and a powerful general manager with ultimate personnel control. It’s the one thing Snyder hasn’t tried yet — the one thing he should have tried right from the start.

Whether Darrell Green should be a part of that or not is something I don’t know. There is some precedent for that sort of thing — see the success John Elway has had in Denver. However, Elway was more involved in the team than Green has been — see where Green admits he’s only been to a few games and I know he is not regularly at Redskisn Park.

Anyway, I guess, at least, it is nice to know Darrell Green still cares about what happens to the Redskins. And he’s right about firing Mike Shanahan. That’s #1 on the to-do list of anyone serious about improving the culture and roster and future of the Washington Redskins.