Continuing Redskins Soap Opera, Kyle Shanahan is disappointed in RG3 Decision

Updated: December 12, 2013


In the latest soap opera spin coming out of Ashburn, Washington Redskins offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan indicated that he was disappointed in his father’s decision to bench Robert Griffin III.   In his presser today with Redskins media, Kyle Shanahan stated his disapproval.

“I made it clear I was disappointed.  It’d be good for Robert to get the reps.  That’s my opinion . . . I would love to have Rg3 out there.  It’s not my call.  As OC, my job is to win this week, not look tot he future. . .  It’s hardened me.  I can handle it . . . I think it would be ridiculous to act like this is a quarterback competition ”  

Shanahan also indicated he was unaware of friction between him and Redskins owner Dan Snyder.  He stated that he rarely even talks with Snyder.  Finally, Kyle Shanahan stated that he wished he would be judged on his offense, rather than his last name.  That statement seems to indicate that Kyle Shanahan may very well understand the tarnished reputation of his father, Mike Shanahan, through this whole mess.   Kyle Shanahan obviously has strongly endorsed Robert Griffin III to be the 2014 starting quarterback in Washington.  The endorsement rings hollow given the fact that once Mike Shanahan is fired, his assistants, including Kyle, will all leave with him.

You could interpret Kyle Shanahan’s statements two different ways.

Interpretation #1:   Kyle Shanahan is furious at his father, Mike Shanahan, for benching Rg3.  He also realizes that it has done damage to Mike Shanahan’s reputation, which goes with his statement about judging him on his coaching abilities, not his name.  Not sure either would sustain a positive reputation.

Interpretation #2:  Kyle Shanahan is lock step with Dad, but makes contrary statements to preserve his own reputation, given the fact he is young and wants a long term coaching career.  In other words, critical statements were permitted by Dad to protect Kyle.

Either way, the soap opera segment of the Washington Redskins continues to turn.