Chris Doleman, the Legend of the Viking Passed Away at 58

Chris Doleman, the Legend of the Viking Passed Away at 58 – One of the best Pro Football Hall of Fame Defensive, Chris Doleman, passed away at 58. He died in Atlanta. The cause of his death is the brain cancer. Previously, he has been known to suffer brain cancer and undergone surgery in January 2018. His disease was getting worse and in the end, took his life. During his entire career, Chris Doleman is widely known as the defensive player in American Football. He has collected about 150 ½ career sack in 15 seasons. The golden time of his career is during his time with the Minnesota Viking. The number 5 is his number during his time with the Viking.

Chris Doleman started his career in 2012. He played for the Hall of Fame, in Canton, Ohio. In this club, he was chosen as a part of the NFL’s second team all-decade squad. He played for this competition around the 1990’s. At that time, Chris Doleman was an eight-time Pro Bowl player. He was also selected twice as the first-team All-Pro by the Associated Press. Then he moved to the Viking and played for them during his first nine seasons. After that, he moved to the Atlanta Falcons and played for two seasons. The San Francisco 49ers were the next stop for him and played for about three seasons. Finally, he came back to the Viking in 1999 and played his NFL final season. In the Viking team, he gave the NFL in the fewest yard in 1988, 1989, and 1993. He was also adept at stripping the football. The Viking records his bright career in there. He scored 44 fumbles and recovering 24 of them.

How did the Viking select Chris Doleman? Well, the Viking chose him as their player in 1985. He was chosen as the fourth pick of the 1985 NFL. The Viking put him at outside linebacker. In fact, Doleman liked to play in this position. However, at the end of his second year, the Viking moved him to the right defensive. By his moving, the scheme team was also changed to be 4-3 defense. Doleman was widely known as a strong player. Together with Keith Millard, Doleman became the most feared duo player in NFL in 1989. This year, the Viking led the league. The sacks of the Viking was about 71. Doleman was also known as a player that hard to block. He had all of the great player potentials such as big, fast, and strong.

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