Bring Back Norv!

Updated: November 18, 2013

Just kidding…. sort of. Now that I have your attention, Jim Zorn is the only coach this century to have the Redskins with a winning record through ten games. The coach that was the least qualified and received ZERO respect, did something that Marty Schottenheimer, Steve Spurrier, Joe Gibbs and Mike Shanahan failed to do.

“What now?” Answers to that burning question from this observer to come… I saw a great question/statement on a message board today…. “What do you have when you have the worst team, in the worst division?”

The NFC East is a dumpster fire, even so, what chance does Washington have sitting at 3-7 with six games left. They would probably have to run the table, but at their current pace, they would have to play 20 more games to reach nine wins. In my book, if you lose two or more “must win” games, you’re done.

Is Shanahan the problem? Should the Redskins go in another direction in 2014? DCProSportsReport reddit to vent!

Frustration is embedded in the beat reporters that cover the team. For Nathan Fenno with the Washington Times, nobody has answers, just justifications and promises for tomorrow than never comes. Just last week, Jason Reid with the Washington Post, defended Head Coach Mike Shanahan, even calling for a contract extension before season’s end. Those that were considered supporters of the coaching staff are jumping ship, Reid now calling for the coach to be fired. Chris Chase with USA Today walks us through the evolution of Reid’s evaluation. “This 3-7 record is squarely on Coach Mike Shanahan” written by Reid in Philadelphia on Sunday, can be read in its entirety, HERE. The song remains the same across the board, those covering the team have a consistent take. I spent more than a decade covering the team alongside John Keim, an honest and fair reporter. Now with, Keim’s NFL Nation piece on Sunday night was through a similar lens. Different excuses, different reasons, but the same results, “they’re not good enough” says it all near the end of the article.

Redskins losing fatigue is not limited to focus on Coach Shanahan, even the savior is getting heat. Following Sunday’s loss to the Eagles, Robert Griffin III took his thoughts to social media, namely Facebook and twitter. “Staying the course through the great times & the times of adversity” posted RG3. While the Redskins quarterback has hundreds of thousands of “likes”, the responses from “followers” were not the usual Kool-Aid variety.

The good folks at Hogs Haven, the Washington Redskins website for SB Nation, worked animated Gifs from the movie Titanic into their game recap. Very creative and we all know how that story ends.

A lot is working against the future Hall of Fame coach, but if there were a list of things that would allow him to return for the final year of his contract, what would they be? The very talented Steve Shoup always has an answer. As for the man himself? Asked at his weekly Monday news conference, Shanahan declined comment when asked if his job is on the line over the next six weeks or if he has had discussions with the owner regarding his future.

If owner Dan Snyder decides to dump Shanny and family, who would he hire? You can be certain Jon Gruden’s name will be mentioned as he is with EVERY NFL and NCAA job that opens up. One name that is hot in rumor mills would probably be OK with RG3, Baylor Head Coach Art Briles. Baylor is unbeaten and despite the fact Briles just signed another contract extension, don’t let a little 10-year contract make you think it will get in the way.

Circling back to… “What now?” We will look at the return to a full salary cap, free agency and navigating another NFL draft without a first round pick. “What Now?” will be coming to your favorite DC Pro Sports report website next week!

As “Dandy” Don Meredith used to say when a Monday Night Football game was no longer in doubt “The Party’s Over”

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