Why American Football is Very Popular in the World

Why American Football is Very Popular in the World – Many people have realized that NFL is one of the biggest and the greatest leagues of sport in the world. This American football is known as one of the most popular sports not only in America but also in the world. Unfortunately, there are still some people who are wondering why this sport is very popular. If you are also wondering the same thing, then you might need to know that there are some things that made this sport are very popular. Here are some of them.

The first one is because of the equality of skills on every line. This is something that many other sports have. Of course, there are some clubs with the balanced players, but not all of them. On the other hand, when you are talking about the American football, you can say that most of the players have the same skills, but they have the different roles. That is why the equality comes in. there is no club with the best attack that sacrifices the defense. The same thing is applied backward.

Why American Football is Very Popular in the World

The second reason is because of the tension. The meaning of tension can be simply considered as the length of a game. When you are talking about the length of the game, there is no specific limitation of the length of this American football game. That is because the game is unlimited in term of time since they use the inning point system. That is why if a good club meets up with the average one, the game can be finished in a short time. However, if the game is a clash between two giants in the American football industry, then the game can simply take up to three to four hours despite of the regular games of two hours average.

The last one is because of the profit. Yes, NFL is one of the greatest sport leagues in the world and a lot of people play their part there, including those who spend millions of money and betting on https://multibet88.online betting site. We are not only talking about the sponsors because sponsors are surely spending a lot of money of their own. We are talking about people gambling on the league, on the clubs, on the matches, on the players, and many others. You have to realize that American football attracts a lot of attention not only because of the quality of the sport, but also because of the money that they can get through the gambling.

Some of the Most Valuable MLB Clubs in United States
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Some of the Most Valuable MLB Clubs in United States

Some of the Most Valuable MLB Clubs in United States – When you are talking about American sports, you have to always include the baseball there. It is because baseball is still considered as one of the most famous American sports that many people watch. As a matter of fact, when you are talking about their popularity, you cannot easily dismiss the fact that there are some clubs with the greatest value on the league. If you are wondering the best clubs in MLB with the greatest rating or the highest value, here are some of them.

The first one is New York Yankees. This is something that you cannot deny because New York Yankees is the home of many great players. That is why the value of this baseball club is reaching high to the sky and become the most famous betting team on poker678.net online site. For your information, the value of New York Yankees is reaching 4.6 billion dollars. On the second position, you can find the name of Los Angeles Dodgers. It is true that this club is on the second position of the most valuable baseball teams in MLB. Even though, the value of this team is far below the New York Yankees. That is because the value of Los Angeles Dodger is just about 3.3 billion. That means this club has about 1.3 billion difference.

Some of the Most Valuable MLB Clubs

The next one is Boston Red Sox, Chicago Clubs, and San Francisco Giants. There are three clubs on the list because these three clubs have the similar amount of value. Yes, these three giants have the average value between 3.0 billion to 3.1 billion dollars. The difference to the second position is not that much, but it is quite visible. That is why these three giants are considered as the third on this list. Those are some of the most valuable MLB clubs that you might want to know. What do you think about those clubs?

The Greatest Super Bowl in American Football
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The Greatest Super Bowl in American Football

The Greatest Super Bowl in American Football – The name of Super Bowl is considered as one of the greatest sport events that you can find in United States. That is because this game is considered as the real final meeting two giants in a season of that year. As a matter of fact, the Super Bowl is usually watched by more than half of the American all around the United States. This is a simple proof that Super Bowl is one of the greatest sport events in America. However, that is not the only thing that you need to know from Super Bowl. There are still some other things that you might have missed from this greatest sport even in United States.

You can start with the national holiday. It is something quite strange to find a nation that gives holiday to all of the people just because of a sport game. However, if there is a nation that gives the national holiday to all of its people just to watch a game, then the nation is crazy. Or else, the game is worth more than their time to work out there and the second reason is the real reason why there is a national holiday for the Super Bowl.

The Greatest Super Bowl

Another one is the fact that in Super Bowl day, there are more foods consumed compared with the Thanksgiving. This is not something that all of the people know. That is why if you think that Super Bowl is just a simple sport game, you are totally wrong. American football is a tradition in United States and the Super Bowl as the final is the climax of everything that they have on their tradition. That is why you need to watch the Super Bowl if you have the time to do so. You will feel the excitement of watching the Super Bowl.

The Great Facts about American Football You Should Not Miss
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The Great Facts about American Football You Should Not Miss

The Great Facts about American Football You Should Not Miss – You do not have to say that American football is popular for people to know that it is a popular sport in United States. All of the people have learned that this sport is very popular. However, there are some facts about this sport that not all of those people have learned. Here are some of those facts.

The first one is the Super Bowl fact. The name is quite simple, but the Super Bowl attracts a lot of people in United States. As a matter of fact, during the Super Bowl, more than 70 percents of the American people are watching the game. This is the first fact that you might have never known before. The second one is the fact that the government also adores and admires the Super Bowl. If you think that the government gives no support to the game, you are very wrong. That is because the government helps the American football a lot. You surely have known that it is holiday on the Super Bowl day. However, have you ever think about the reason why it is holiday? Of course, it is because of the government role. They facilitated the people so that they can watch the game with their families at home.

The third one is the parity of the game. You can easily check the winners of the last Super Bowl. Or else, you can try to find out the team that has won the Super Bowl for two years in a row. The name will be New England Patriots in 2004. That is because of the parity of every teams on the league. You must be good at choosing teams if you want to bet on https://agenbola108.cc. All of the teams can be the best or the worst on this game. Besides that, if you want to check the data of the Super Bowl, you will notice that NFC always send the different teams for the Super Bowl, at least for the last nine years.

The Great Facts about American FootballThe last one is the fact that all of the games are important. Of course, all of the games are important, but it is quite different with many other sports in United States. The reason is because there are only 16 matches in total of a season. That means you have to watch all of the possible matches that you can watch. Unlike some other sports where you can find more than 70 to 80 matches in a season, the American football is quite different.

Sofia Kenin, 21-Year-Old American, Play in Final of Australian Open
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Sofia Kenin, 21-Year-Old American, Play in Final of Australian Open

Sofia Kenin is a 21-year-old American who can show the amazing performance in Australia Open. She defeated the top-ranked Ashleigh Barty with 7-6, 8-6, and 7-5 in the Australian Open. By this victory, Kenin can play in the final of the Australian Open as her first grand slam. In the final, she will fight against Garbine Muguruza. Kenin is the youngest woman player that can defeat the world No.1 in the major competition since 2002. In addition, she joins the Australian Open as the No.14 seed that can defeat the player beyond her rank.

Sofia Kenin has made sensational news to the American. She shows excellent performance. She is waiting to show her best in the final this Saturday. But, people may wonder who Sofia Kenin is. Well, Sofia Kenin is an American player who was born in Moscow. Her parents emigrated to the United States of America when she was a baby. Then, she spent her childhood in Florida. People around her like to call her “Sonya”. Kenin shows her potential since she was a child. She started to play in USTA youth tournaments when she was 7 years old. Then, in 2014, she was selected as the representation of the USA at the Summer Youth Olympics. She was also selected as a part of the Fed Cup Team. Then, her career starts to be bright when she chose to be a professional player in 2017. In that year, she finished as the third round after lost to Maria Sharapova in the US Open. Kevin has successfully repeated her performance in the US in 2019. She reached her best performance in French Open 2019 by reaching the fourth round. Meanwhile, she reached the third round at Rolland Garros after losing from Serena Williams.

Sofia Kenin, 21-Year-Old AmericanIn the same year, Sofia Kenin won the WTA Most Improved Player of the Year. She won this award due to her achievement by having three single titles. In 2019, she can reach her highest ranking as the world No.12. In addition, Sofia Kenin is predicted can join the world top 10 for the first time in her career considering her performance. As mentioned previously, Sofia Kenin is a professional player. Due to her achievement, she is rewarded with a scholarship. This scholarship will enable her to play at Miami in Florida. And, the most interesting part is about her coach. She is taught and trained by her father, Alex, who acts as her coach during her entire career up until now.

MLB.com – Your One-Stop Baseball News Source
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MLB.com – Your One-Stop Baseball News Source

MLB.comYour One-Stop Baseball News Source – Baseball is one of the most loved sports in America. Therefore, it’s no wonder that several standing news sources are still going strong to date. One of the most reliable sources with history is MLB, a website that basically provides every info possible about baseball!

• About MLB
Like the online games site IDN Poker becomes the source of information and games access for online games players around the world, MLB.com is an information source for baseball, starting from the statistic, news, and columns. This website acts as the official Major League Baseball (shortened to MLB) site and works under Major League Baseball Advanced Media, L.P. The site itself was first registered in 1994 with www.MajorLeagueBaseball.com as its domain name. However, the domain name changed as www.mlb.com in September 2000 to avoid cybersquatting.

Besides news providing, MLB.com also offers other services such as commercial streaming (in audio and video form) of all games within Major League Baseball. If you don’t want to pay, you can also get real-time score updates by choosing ‘gameday’. Another service MLB.com offers is an online merchandise shop which includes auctions of memorabilia, fantasy baseball, and the option to buy tickets to the games online.

• What Can You Get From MLB
Now, you’ve heard of the website and its news. However, there are three other services you can get within the site, such as:

– MLB.tv
Remember about how you can pay for streaming on all games within the league? Well the service itself is actually called MLB.tv. This service requires a subscription that is divided into two types: Basic and Premium. With the Basic plan, you can access HD audio and/or video recordings through your PC. However, the Premium plan allow users to access them and livestream through PC and smartphone.

– At-Bat
If you are planning to get MLB.tv Premium subscription, then it’s better to download the app At-Bat first. This free app works on multiple platforms (iOS, Android, Blackberry, and webOS) and some of its features can be accessed for free. However, if you want to unlock every feature, you have to subscribe to MLB.tv’s Premium plan.

– Fantasy Baseball
Not satisfied with the game you just watch? Well, you can orchestrate one of your own using simulation games provided by MLB.com. Try searching for ‘Beat the Streak’, for example, to try playing the game.

Since it was first registered in 1994, MLB is still loyal to baseball and baseball fans. Any fan, young or old, can visit their websites and get free information regarding news, scores, statistics, or even columns. Besides the information source, MLB also offers other things to enjoy such as streaming service, phone application, and even games!

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Chris Doleman, the Legend of the Viking Passed Away at 58

Chris Doleman, the Legend of the Viking Passed Away at 58 – One of the best Pro Football Hall of Fame Defensive, Chris Doleman, passed away at 58. He died in Atlanta. The cause of his death is the brain cancer. Previously, he has been known to suffer brain cancer and undergone surgery in January 2018. His disease was getting worse and in the end, took his life. During his entire career, Chris Doleman is widely known as the defensive player in American Football. He has collected about 150 ½ career sack in 15 seasons. The golden time of his career is during his time with the Minnesota Viking. The number 5 is his number during his time with the Viking.

Chris Doleman started his career in 2012. He played for the Hall of Fame, in Canton, Ohio. In this club, he was chosen as a part of the NFL’s second team all-decade squad. He played for this competition around the 1990’s. At that time, Chris Doleman was an eight-time Pro Bowl player. He was also selected twice as the first-team All-Pro by the Associated Press. Then he moved to the Viking and played for them during his first nine seasons. After that, he moved to the Atlanta Falcons and played for two seasons. The San Francisco 49ers were the next stop for him and played for about three seasons. Finally, he came back to the Viking in 1999 and played his NFL final season. In the Viking team, he gave the NFL in the fewest yard in 1988, 1989, and 1993. He was also adept at stripping the football. The Viking records his bright career in there. He scored 44 fumbles and recovering 24 of them.

How did the Viking select Chris Doleman? Well, the Viking chose him as their player in 1985. He was chosen as the fourth pick of the 1985 NFL. The Viking put him at outside linebacker. In fact, Doleman liked to play in this position. However, at the end of his second year, the Viking moved him to the right defensive. By his moving, the scheme team was also changed to be 4-3 defense. Doleman was widely known as a strong player. Together with Keith Millard, Doleman became the most feared duo player in NFL in 1989. This year, the Viking led the league. The sacks of the Viking was about 71. Doleman was also known as a player that hard to block. He had all of the great player potentials such as big, fast, and strong.

Grow Yourself to A Good Hockey Player with How to Hockey
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Grow Yourself to A Good Hockey Player with How to Hockey

Grow Yourself to A Good Hockey Player with How to Hockey – When it comes to learning hockey, a solid tip from a trustworthy coach is always valuable. But what if you don’t have the privilege of having a coach? Well, you can still learn by yourself and get solid tutoring in reliable teaching websites such as How to Hockey!

• What Is This Website?
How to Hockey is a website managed by two guys madly in love in hockey, Jeremy Rupke and his best friend Ken Macnab. Since 2014, Rupke has been working with How to Hockey full time while working as a hockey coach and teacher. Both of them contribute to the contents of the website like online gambling players contribute to giving tricks and tips to other players, with Macnab mostly adding defensive articles as it is his specialty.

Besides the blog, How to Hockey also have two YouTube channels (How to Hockey and The Hockey Movement) plus a Facebook Page that notifies any updates on their website and YouTube channels. Rupke especially designed the content to be free but providing.

• What Can I Learn From It?
The library of How to Hockey is quite complete, especially considering that all of them can be accessed for free. You can learn contents such as products you can choose, free training, drills, tips, and even videos that show certain techniques online. These contents allow anyone, be it beginners or professionals, to learn how to improve their techniques as tactics by themselves. If you look at the comments within their site content, you will see that learners of different levels are utilizing the website. Not to mention, the comments are positive, which made them basically reviews if you don’t trust the site just yet.

• How Can How to Hockey Help Me Become A Better Player?
Basically, you can pull out any information you need at the moment. If you want to learn hockey but don’t know where to start, you can see their drills and practices and choose what fits you. If you can’t nail certain moves from textbook definitions, try watching their videos. You can also look for their tips and product recommendation for some solid advice. Don’t forget to subscribe to their blog, YouTube channels, and Facebook Page to avoid missing new content!

Presented by two hockey maniacs, this site provides every information needed to learn ice hockey, starting from product to tips to actual training. So, even if you are by yourself at the moment, you can continue improving your skill with the guidance of How to Hockey.

Learn Football Tactics The Simple Way in The False 9
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Learn Football Tactics The Simple Way in The False 9

Learn Football Tactics The Simple Way in The False 9 – Are you new in the football world and don’t know where to start looking? Well, if that’s the case, go ahead and open The False 9. This website is a good source to learn football tactics the simple way, perfect for those who are not familiar with the sport yet. Besides that, there is football news for England and European leagues.

• Why The False 9?
The name ‘False 9’ is taken from a position within a football team with the same name. Sadly, the website itself is incomplete and has yet to put an explanation about the name. However, the false 9 as a football position itself is rather known as an unconventional striker.

Perhaps, the website was designed to be a unique information source for football fans like that has become source of information for all online gambling players around the world, different than others just like how the position false 9 is. The website is also known as L’Histoire.

• Football Tactics, Explained
Do you face any difficulty in learning football tactics? Don’t worry, The False 9 got you covered with their simplified explanation! This website especially created a category for football tactics alone. There, the contents include football tactics and formation strategies, written in such a way that even beginners can understand. They explained those topics starting from defining them, giving examples of professional teams that use them, how to make them work, and how to face the tactics or formation as the opposing team. If you want to know more, you can also find football book recommendations to read from another dedicated article for books within the website.

Learn Football Tactics The Simple Way in The False 9• Europe-centric News
Besides simplified football tactics, The False 9 also offers news for the European leagues (let’s pretend the UK is still a part of Europe.) The news are separated into two categories, one for England and the other for Europe – making the chore of following the news easier than ever. The contents themselves include articles that cover the latest news, transfer rumors (that are categorized with tiers depending on the source credibility), trolls, satires, and anything else football-related. These contents are arranged chronologically starting from the latest to the oldest.
Named after a football player position itself, The False 9 is a good source for both tactics and news that are up to date and easy to digest. The website is perfect for fans who are new with football or those who are looking for a news source limited to England and European football leagues.


The Location for the Future Super Bowl in America
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The Location for the Future Super Bowl in America

The Location for the Future Super Bowl in AmericaSuper Bowl in one of the most favorite sports in the United States of America. This sport becomes a national sport. To hold a Super Bowl match, a suitable stadium is required. Well, the NFL as the base of Super Bowl Organization in America has set the rules and requirements for making a stadium became a place for the Super Bowl match. The first one is stadium-quality. The stadium needs to be designed with the complete facilitation, standard area, and high safety. In addition, the city where the stadium located needs to be able to provide supports for the match from its people.

By considering those things, the NFL has decided several cities that have been chosen as the place for the Super Bowl match in 2020 onwards. South Florida has been chosen as the host of 54 Super Bowl in 2020. The Miami area is one of the most favorite Super Bowl locations based on its track record. This place has been selected as the host of the Super Bowls location for about 10 times. In this city, the Super Bowl will be held in a stadium that is called Hard Rock Stadium. It has been opened since 1987. This stadium was renovated in 2016. It has a capacity about 65.000 people and completed with several features such as new video boards, seating pods, and suites. Meanwhile, Tampa is chosen as the host of Super Bowl location in 2021. Actually, the 2021 Super Bowl will be held in Los Angeles. However, due to the weather-related construction that can delay the new LA stadium, Tampa is chosen as the substituted. Tampa is chosen since the city has the experience as the host of Super Bowl for about four times. The old Tampa Stadium and Raymond James Stadium are the chosen stadium in Tampa. The new Tampa stadium can be used for about 75.000 supporters.

the Future Super Bowl in America As mentioned previously that Los Angeles is previously selected as the host of the Super Bowl before it is shifted to Tampa. Considering the time of the construction, Los Angeles has been selected as the host of the Super Bowl in 2022. The LA area has been selected for about 8 times as the host of the Super Bowl. The newly renovated LA stadium will be named as the LA Stadium and Entertainment District at Hollywood Park. This new stadium can be used for providing 70.000 seats and can be expanded to the 100.000

The Popularity of American Football in America and the People Outside America
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The Popularity of American Football in America and the People Outside America

You do not have to ask anymore about the popularity of the American football in United States. That is because this game is very popular. Besides that, there are also some countries outside the United States that consider this sport as something quite popular. The problem is that even though American Football is one of the greatest sports in United States, there are quite a lot of people around the world that consider that American football is not something worth to watch. Do you have the same opinion? If you do, then you need to know why the sport is very popular inside the US but not outside the US.

For the start, it is because of the complicated rules. There are rules in sport. However, some of those sports are quite friendly by giving the simple rules. Unfortunately, American football is not one of them that will give all of the easiness in understanding all of the rules in the game. It might be caused by the fact that this game is the combination of soccer and rugby so that you can expect the sport has the rules from those two different sports. Does it make sense?

The second one is because of the duration. Some sports have set a specific duration for a game, but many others are not. This is something quite common actually. However, based on the records that you can easily access on the internet, a game of American football can easily take up to four until six hours to finish. That is a very long time to watch a game and also many member like to bet on the market gambling for American Football is open, and It might be something boring for some people. Fortunately, the regular or average time for a game to finish is just about two hours. So, it is quite okay for many people around the world.

The Popularity of American Football in AmericaThe last but not least is because of tradition. This is something that you cannot deny because when you are talking about tradition, you cannot expect all of the people to love your tradition. It is as if American football is the original sport of America. That is why a lot of American people love to watch the game despite of the controversies that you usually get from some other people outside United States. That is because the American football is part of their culture and you have to admit that. That is why not all of the people in the world have the same liking for the American football.

Best NFL Players That Will Never be Replaced
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Best NFL Players That Will Never be Replaced

American football is one of the toughest sports that you can find in the world with the NFL as the main association in the league. Even though this sport is quite risky, it turns out that NFL has some of the best players that are hard to replace. You can simply say that those players are the best NFL players in history. Here are some of those players.

The first one is Jerry Rice. He is one of the greatest wide receiver that you can find in the history of NFL. In fact, he is the best one that will never be replaced. He ran fast and efficient by taking the shortest and the safest route to help his teammates score the touchdown. He was a fatal threat that many defenders do not want to deal with. The second one is Jib Brown. He has the strength and the speed and that is why he is known as the best running back that you can find in the history of NFL. Scoring touchdown might not be his specialty, but you can be sure that breaking the defense of the opposite team was. During his career as an NFL player, he had crushed many defenders on his way and helped his team winning a lot of matches in NFL.

Best NFL Players That Will Never be Replaced

The last but not least, you can find the name of Lawrence Taylor. During his 13 years of career, he did not score a lot because Taylor is a linebacker. Yes, he had a lot of power to destroy all of the balls going to him. As an addition to the strength, he also has the speed so that even the fastest players running on the field would be scared to face this strong wall on the back to prevent the touchdown.

The Worldwide Leader in Sports: ESPN
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The Worldwide Leader in Sports: ESPN

From the title, it is true that ESPN has become the leader in sports if being compared to other sports websites. If you have been familiar with this sports website, you have already known that this website presents the latest sports news coverage, highlights, scores, and commentaries for NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAAF, Soccer, and many more. You just need to visit www.espn.com and get up-to-the-minute events.


Top Events
The first thing that you can find if you visit the website is the button on the upper left side of the screen entitled Top Events. If you click this small button, you will find the latest leaderboards of all leagues.

Website Homepage
As displayed on many homepage of the sports websites, the first screen to discover is the home of the website which uncovers all latest updated news on several sports leagues. The live updates on the upcoming match of each league are also being presented through the video that you can access freely.

Live Matches or Replays
If you want to visit the videos of live match as well as the replays, you can directly click the Watch button located on the upper right side of the screen below the Top Events row. In order to access this feature, you have to sign up with some packages and prices. Then, after you sign up, you will have the access to sign in to the latest videos, live matches, or replays.

National Football League or NFL is only dedicated for American football starting from its latest news, drafts, scores, schedules, standings, stats, teams, power rankings, and NFL nation. The list of the football teams are also displayed and being separated into several categories.

The same also goes to MLB. If you are a huge fans of major League Baseball, you can directly click the MLB button. Here, the menu is also similar to the NFL menu. You will find MLB home which contains all latest news and updates. Then, you can get the info on scores, schedules, standings, stats, teams, power rankings, 2018 draft, and also MLB rank top 100.

For National Hockey League fans, you can access NHL right away. You will also being presented by NHL home and other info on this amazing sports. You can get the updated scores, schedules, standings, stats, teams, playoffs, power rankings, and 2018 draft.

Here are several amazing features that you can enjoy from ESPN. As it always says, you can get the latest updates on your favourite sports through this sports leader website. Enjoy!

Top 4 Ice Hockey Websites for More Updated Info

Top 4 Ice Hockey Websites for More Updated Info

For those who are interested in ice hockey and want to know where to find latest info and news about the sport, you may be confused because the sport is not as popular as other sports. This article will elaborate some websites you can visit regarding the latest news of ice hockey.

You can read the reviews for each website on the following list:
• Reddit – Ice Hockey: this platform is a good place for millions fans of ice hockey to engage in creating and sharing contents among each other. In a week, you can enjoy around 168 posts about the latest update on ice hockey news. The Facebook fans of this platform are around 1 million people, while the Twitter followers are around 465,000 people. Truly the recommended platform to join if you want to talk with fellow ice hockey fans from around the world.

Ice Hockey

• Google News – Ice Hockey: this platform provides the most up-to-date and comprehensive coverage for ice hockey accumulated from various news sources around the world. In a week, you can enjoy around 84 new posts about the most up-to-date news about ice hockey. There are more than 21 million people become fans of this platform in Facebook, and around 212,000 on Twitter. Suitable for those who prefer to read news instead of engaging with other fans.

• Hockey Tutorial: this page is sharing and creating the vest quality of motivational hockey videos, and products reviews and overviews related to hockey from across the globe. The aim of this page is to develop the knowledge about the sport and introduce the sport to potential new fans with broad variety of instructional videos. It also provides content for both expert and beginner hockey player about tips and trick on how to play a good hockey game. This page usually post 4 videos per month.

• The American Hockey League: this blog provides various contents about National Hockey League (NHL) in United States and Canada, such as videos, photos, scores, and news. You can enjoy approximately 28 posts about the latest update on NHL every week. The Twitter followers of this blog is around 90,000 people, while the Facebook fans is around 125,000. Recommended for any NHL fans.

The list above already give brief reviews on several recommended ice hockey pages you can visit, both as fans and beginners on hockey. Other than the ones mentioned above, The Hockey News and The Hockey Writers are also recommended.

Amazing Facts that Many Super Bowl Fans Missed
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Amazing Facts that Many Super Bowl Fans Missed

Super Bowl is the grand event from NFL that many people have anticipated every single year. Unfortunately, even though this event is considered as one of the most anticipated events in America, there are some facts that you surely have missed from this grand game. If you are curious, here are some of those amazing facts that you might have missed from Super Bowl.

Amazing Facts

The first one is getting a new car. If you are going to play in Super Bowl, you will get a new car for a week and that car is not something cheap either. It is true that you are not getting the car back since it is loaned only, but that is something great to drive the expensive cars for a week before the Super Bowl starts.

The second fact is that Super Bowl has one of the most expensive ticket sold in America. In fact, the average price of the ticket for 2016 Super Bowl was around 4,000 dollars. The amazing thing is that those tickets were sold out in 2016. Can you imagine what happened to the tickets in 1967 that are sold for a mere six dollars only?

The next fact from is about the half time performer who does not get any money at all. There are some great names who performed on the Super Bowl half time, but all of those named did not paid at all. That is the rule that many Super Bowl fans have missed. Fortunately, there are times when the income from the half time performance were better than the actual income from the Super Bowl game so that the performer will also get the extra income from the performance. So, from all of those facts mentioned above, do you think you still got what it takes to be a Super Bowl fans?

A Short Introduction to American Football
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A Short Introduction to American Football

In the United States and Canada, American football is referred to as only football. The addition of the word “American” is meant to provide distinction from association football, which is known as soccer. The sport is also referred to as gridiron. A game of American football is typically consisted of eleven players making up a team going up against another team of eleven individuals. The game takes place on a field of rectangular shape.

On each end of the field is a goalpost. Part of the team controlling an oval ball is called the offense team, whose aim is to advance toward the goalpost. The ball is carried along by the players or passed to another teammate. The team without control over the ball, called the defense, attempts to halt the offense’s movement while trying to take over the control over the ball. The offense must be able to advance at least ten yards lest they must turn the ball over to the opponent. Points will be granted to the team that either makes it to advance toward the opponent’s end zone (called a touchdown) or kicks the ball through the opponent’s goalpost (a field goal). Obviously, the side with most points wins.

According to American football developed within the United States from association football (soccer) and rugby. On November 6, 1869, the first American football match was held between Rutgers and Princeton (both college teams). At that time, the rules used in the match were based on association football. From late 1870s, Rugby Union code was adopted, making it possible for players to carry the ball by hands. The Father of American Football, Walter Camp, changed a set of rule that is used from 1880 onward. The rule includes specification of the ball, neutral zone, legalization of forward pass, eleven-player arrangement, and the snap.

American footballis the most popular form of sport in the United States. The game has two sub-forms: college and professional football. There are also youth and high school football as the branches of the game. There are almost 1.1 million athletes from high school and 70,000 from college according to data from 2012. All of these athletes play the game annually and consist of mostly men although there are other leagues involving women as well. The most popular American football league is the National Football League. The league currently has the record for being one with the highest attendance compared to other professional leagues of sports in the world.

Top 4 Ice Hockey Websites to Visit
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Top 4 Ice Hockey Websites to Visit

Compared to other sports, hockey may not be too popular. If you are new to hockey, you may be confused on where to find the latest news regarding the sport. This article will give you some suggestions for your reference.

Here are the pages you can visit if you are a hockey fan:
• The Hockey Writers: this blog provides any hockey fans the local insights from every teams and a broad perspective of league. It can be considered as one among the most respected and largest hockey sites, rank at 3rd place in the world as the must-visit hockey-related blog. This blog has approximately 140 writes and covers news about 30 NHL clubs. You can enjoy around 84 posts about your favorite National Hockey League (NHL) clubs every week. There are around 24,000 people following the Twitter account of this blog, while the Facebook fans are also around 24,000 people.
• How to Hockey: this page is dedicated for anyone who are interested in hockey and want to learn the sport from zero. There are a lot of tutorials available in this YouTube page for you to learn step by step and improve your hockey skills from time to time. The owner also regularly posts about more advanced exercises, drills, tips, and more. You can enjoy one video per week. The Twitter followers of this channel are around 8000 people, while the Facebook fans are around 68,000 people.
IIHF or International Ice Hockey Federation• IIHF or International Ice Hockey Federation: this YouTube channel provide various news and updates about ice hockey around the world. The purpose of this federation is to promote, govern, and develop hockey across the world. Every week, they will post one video for you to enjoy. The Facebook fans are around 250,000 people and the Twitter followers are around 110,000 people.
The Hockey News• The Hockey News: this blog provides you the best contents related to hockey, such as predictions, stats, photos, and interviews. The story team consists of best writers from all teams participating in NHL. It does not only cover pro league, but also minor pro, junior, and college leagues. Every week, they post around 21 posts. The Facebook fans are around 281,000 people, while the Twitter followers are around 261,000 people.

Those are several recommended blog and YouTube channel if you are a fan of hockey or want to learn how to play hockey. There are still other blogs and channels as well, but those mentioned above are the most recommended ones.

Best Hockey Players on the American Ice
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Best Hockey Players on the American Ice

Hockey is not a famous sports, but in America, it is a bit different. That is because hockey is considered as one of the most famous sports to play. As one of the best sports to play in America, hockey has born some of the best players on top of the American ice. If you are curious, here are some of those hockey players on top of the American ice.

Chris CheliosThe first one is Brett Hull. He was known as the Golden Brett, which is not something that you can simply get by playing hockey. This player is known as one of the best American hockey player because of the breathtaking goal record of 86 goals in one season. As an addition to that, he was one of the best American players that helped America to win the World Cup against Canada. For his amazing achievements, Hull was placed in the Hall of Fame in 2009. The second player is Chris Chelios. Some hockey players are playing with strength and the others are playing with skills. However, Chelios is not on one of those sides. That is because Chelios is playing with skills and powers. Sometimes, he passed his opponents with the amazing skills and movements. On the other time, he completely destroyed his opponents with strength. That is the amazing combination that made him to be one of the best hockey players in the American history.

 Brian LeetchThe last one is Brian Leetch. He is one of the best hockey players who were using his brain on the game. That is because his leadership on the game was totally remarkable and that is one thing that made him as one of the best hockey players. For the finishing of his career, he was placed on the Hall of Fame in 2009.

Some of the Best Players in American Baseball History
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Some of the Best Players in American Baseball History

Baseball can be considered as one part of American history because this sport has been played since any years ago. As an addition to that, baseball can also be considered as the main sport of America because baseball is played in almost every corner of America. In this small American history, there are some names of the baseball players that can also be considered as the best players that have made their own history on this game. Here are some of them.

Willie MaysThe first one is Babe Ruth. He is one of the best that you can find in the American baseball history. That is because he broke the world record that has been held for many years on the beginning of his career. The world home run record in a season was 27 hits, but during his early career stage, Ruth was able to hit at least 59 home run in a season for seven seasons. The second one is Willie Mays. He was not as good as Babe Ruth in term of hitting a home run. However, there is one amazing thing about this player. He was an all-round player on the pitch. He did everything nicely. Even though it is not perfect, the Gold Glove Award is one appreciation that this player earned. To make it even better, Willie Mays won the Gold Glove Award for 12 consecutive years starting from 1857 to 1968.

Walter JohnsonThe last but not least, you can find the name of Walter Johnson as one of the best pitchers in the American baseball history. He had a baseball career of 21 years and had the winning podium of 12 seasons. That is more than half of his baseball career. For information, the same thing is applied for his strikeout of his pitching history and that is one reason why Johnson is considered as a legend.

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Getting to Know More about Baseball

Getting to Know More about BaseballYou may have heard of it a couple of times but what is baseball exactly? Baseball is a type of sports wherein two teams are facing each other taking turn in batting and fielding. An individual of the fielding team, the pitcher, throws a ball toward an individual of the batting team. This player from the batting team will have hit the ball using a bat. The hitter will direct the ball into the field and run to bases. There are four bases in the field and all runners must advance counter-clockwise. The defensive (fielding) team would be to prevent the hitter from being a runner and hold all runners in place so that they cannot advance around the bases. Point is given to the batting team if the hitter makes it to advance around the bases and come back to the home plate, which is the point where the batter started. The winner of the match would be the team with the most runs around the bases. The batting team has the objective to get to the first base. As long as the player is not called ôoutö can try to reach next bases as a runner immediately or when it is a teammateÆs turn to bat the ball.

On the other hand, the objective of the fielding team is to out a batter or a runner. Those who are being called ôoutö would have to get out of the field. The fielding team would take their turn to become the batting team once the opposing team has three outs. Baseball does not have game clock. A game ends in the ninth inning. Extra innings can be added when the scores are tied.
Baseball is an evolution of an older version of bat-and-ball game played in England during the mid-18th century. Immigrants brought this version of the game to North America and the new version as known today was developed. Baseball eventually became a national sport in the United States by the late 19th century. Aside from the US, the sport is also popular in other countries such as Central and South America, South Korea, Japan, and the Caribbean. Professional MLB (Major League Baseball) is categorized into two groups: the National League and the American League. There are three divisions under each group: Central, West, and East. The champion of the MLB emerges after playoffs that lead to the World Series.

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Hockey: History and Derivatives

Hockey History and DerivativesThe word hockey was first recorded in a book from 1773 entitled Juvenile Sports and Pastimes, specifically under Chapter XI of it. The word was allegedly mentioned in King Edward IIIs 1363 proclamation. The wordÆs origin is unknown. Some said it was derived from a Middle French word hoquet, which translates into a shepherds stave. This is supposed to be a valid origin given that the curved end of a hockey stick does resemble such a stave. Another theory regarding the words origin relates to the use of cork bungs instead of a ball in the game. The cork bung was taken from barrels that contain hock ale. Historically, games involving a ball and curved sticks are prevalent in cultures of the world. Impressions playing with sticks and a projectile are depicted in Egyptian carvings from 4000 years ago. Hurling, an Irish hockey-like game, dates back to way before 1272 BC. There is also evident that an early version of the game had been known in 600 BC Ancient Greece. The Daur people in Mongolia are familiar with a game similar to hockey for at least 1,000 years. Legislation about games and sports become the primary evident of the presence of hockey-like games in the Middle Ages. For example, the Galway Statute was enacted in 1527 establishing that games using hooked sticks are banned.

Hockey is known through its variants. There is bandy in Russia and Sweden, where it is played professionally. Specifically in Russia, bandy is a national sport. It is played outdoors and the rules are similar to association football. The IOC recognizes the game and it has the Federation of International Bandy as its international governing body. Field hockey is another derivative of the sport. The game is played on artificial turf (sand-based or water-based), natural grass, or gravel, using a 73-mm hard ball. The game is quite popular in many parts of the world such as Argentina, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Asia, and Europe.

Ice hockey involves two skater teams on a large-sized flat ice and a rubber disc called puck. Ice hockey is popular in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Latvia, Finland, and Canada. Roller hockey is divided into two categories: inline and quad hockey. Ice sledge hockey, on the other hand, is designed for those with physical disabilities, specifically on lower bodies. Street hockey is played on a hard surface such as asphalt.